Construction jobs are not created equally, and neither are the contractors you rely on. You probably already know this if you’ve developed land before, but if that land was not on the waterfront or offshore, you might not realize how important specialization can be. Building for the stresses faced by extreme weather events found on the coast and for the unique stresses faced by structures that regularly absorb force from waves while weathering constant exposure to water requires a specialized skill set. Even among carpenters or metal workers, those with marine experience are unique.

Finding the Right Marine Contractor

There are a lot of options for Florida marine construction, but the ones that will serve you best are the ones with experience in the exact needs you have. That means hiring offshore builders with experience if you’re putting up oil platforms and opting for the best pier builders you can find if you’re seeking to put up a commercial venture that extends over the water. There’s simply no replacing the experience that those specialists have, not even with other marine experience in different areas. Keep that in mind as you screen candidates.

Assessing Past Projects

Like many other niches in the construction world, you should be able to request information on successful projects from candidate companies. This lets you assess their experience in a more grounded way. Some might even have client referrals from recent jobs if they’ve made a strong impression, giving you a potential opportunity to hear from someone who has used that contractor’s services and lived with the results for a while.

Gathering this information is the single best way to learn about issues you can’t measure easily by looking at photographs, such as the construction team’s ability to meet milestone deadlines or to communicate about progress and any challenges that have cropped up. Don’t be afraid to ask potential contractors for those referrals, after all, you wouldn’t hire a home improvement contractor without checking on reviews. This is the same general idea in a much higher stakes arena.