Looking to generate customer interest in your small business? You might not realize that, much like homes, businesses have curb appeal, too. Enhancing the look of your commercial space will make customers take a second look at what your business has to offer. Here are three ways to give the exterior of your commercial space a successful makeover.

1. Address Customer Parking

Improving customer experience is all about making shopping convenient, and a big part of convenience is customer parking. If you have a parking lot on your business premises, make sure it’s free of debris and use customer parking signs so that dedicated spaces are clearly delineated. Regularly take stock of the condition of the pavement, too, since damaged pavement not only poses potential safety hazards, but also drags down the curb appeal of a property.

2. Add Landscaping

You can soften the look of your commercial space through the use of landscaping. If you have a large area to landscape, use plants that require low water and low maintenance to thrive in your regional climate. If you only have room for some small landscaping features, consider adding a rock garden or a small fountain for some added visual interest.

3. Update Exterior Lighting

If you’re looking for a low-cost option that adds significant curb appeal to both your commercial building and your parking areas, swap out your current lighting fixtures for ones that use LED bulbs. A commercial supply company or even your local hardware store stocks a variety of designs that can match the aesthetic of any business. As an added bonus, making the switch to LED will allow you to recoup the cost on your monthly energy bills.

Maximize the potential of your business by giving it a curb appeal update. If you follow these tips, you’ll appeal to passersby and inspire them to choose your business instead of the competition.