To make the most of summer, start with a yard makeover. Giving your whole yard a once-over will not only prepare you for less maintenance throughout the summer, but it’s also easier to enjoy a yard that looks good. 

Repair Existing Play Spots  

If you have a trampoline, getting a new trampoline replacement mat and replacing any missing springs will make it look and feel like new again. If you have a sandbox, you don’t have to get all new sand to make it feel fresh — cleaning out debris and raking through the sand will do the trick. If you’d like to add to the fun, horseshoes and cornhole are simple and enjoyable options, especially for groups. 

Maintain the Grass 

Start your summer with a good yard work day: trim the edges, remove weeds and mow the lawn. If you have any bare spots, lay some grass seed to fill them in. Yards are much easier to maintain if they’re given a good start than if some of these steps are taken after things have gotten messy. 

Refresh Your Furniture 

If you have yard furniture, check it over to see if any repairs are needed. If it’s starting to look worn, repair any broken parts and give a fresh paint job to make it more inviting again. Clean off any tables; they gather a surprising amount of dirt over time. Setting out some small torches or candles can not only provide a nice ambiance, but can often help repel mosquitos. 

Taking some simple steps to jumpstart your yard for success can prepare your family for summer fun at home, and it doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. By cleaning up your yard and giving any existing amenities a simple tune-up, you’ll make it feel inviting and set yourself up for lazy afternoons in the grass and relaxing barbecues.