There is a warm cozy feeling of a room when it is decorated in a rustic style. If you are looking for that cozy vibe you may want to change the style and decorations in your home. Here are four easy steps to a rustic home. 

1. Use An Earthy Color Palette 

The color palette for a rustic design is welcoming and warm. There are a lot of comfortable neutral colors with soft oranges, greens and reds mixed in. Think of the earth when picking your colors. If you think of fire, wood and trees when choosing colors you can not go wrong. 

2. Use Reclaimed Wood

Rustic and reclaimed wood tells a story of its past. It becomes beautiful because of its weathered imperfections. You can use reclaimed barn wood Nebraska for decorations or to build furniture. Also, any tables made out of tree slabs with a live edge will really amp up the rustic feel to any room.

3. Add Antiques

Just like reclaimed wood, antiques also tell a story. Plus, there are many ways you can repurpose old items in a new beautiful way. If you have any antiques that are heirlooms passed down in your family this would be a good time to find a good way to display it or you can find antiques at an antique store. 

4. Think Natural

When you go to add the finishing touches to your room you want to think of natural elements to really finish off the rustic feeling. Use wicker baskets for storage or anything that is stone or metal will also work well in the room.

When trying to go for a rustic look in your home you can not go wrong if you think of a warm color palette, reclaimed wood and antiques and add natural elements as a finishing touch.