Summer is here and some of you may be tempted to go somewhere a bit cooler than the scorching heat of your city. Some may even enjoy it more by going to the beach or lakefront. And since most countries are still closed for international travel due to the pandemic, the only solution to be able to go somewhere different is to travel by road.

Before you embark on that summer road journey, there are 3 things you need to consider and check for a safe and secure trip. Check them out:

Service and maintenance check for your vehicle

This is really important if you want a safe and uneventful journey by road to your destination. It pays to check your vehicle for any parts that need to be changed like tires, brake pads, transmission oil, fan belt, aircon filter, etc. Do not travel without having your vehicle checked and serviced. Got to car and maintenance service shop that can do all the checks your vehicle needs, and one that is also complete with 2 post lifts to have your vehicle’s bottom side also checked. It is important that your vehicle is checked from top to bottom using auto lifts so that nothing is missed. You can get some tools used for checking your auto if you are the handy mechanic from Best Buy Automotive Equipment. But make sure that your safety on the road is not taken lightly.

Get travel insurance

Do not travel without getting any travel insurance that covers road trips. There are plenty of insurance providers that offer travelers on the road a sense of security with the policy they provide. Check the coverage plan and make sure it covers rental-car coverage in case you are availing of a rent-a-car service. A good travel insurance can also cover you in injuries and other medical emergencies too, trip delays and cancellations, loss of properties like luggage, to name a few

Wear safety Personal Protective Equipment

You may be traveling elsewhere but we are still in a pandemic and any sense of normalcy, much as we want to have it must be dealt with extreme caution by wearing PPE or personal protective equipment like face masks, and gloves. it can be cumbersome but wearing it means, you are being considerate too of others as it protects you and others from passing on the virus or getting it. Make sure you pack enough face masks, and gloves in your bag and bring some sanitizing spray too. 

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  1. It will take quite a while before we can go on a road trip considering the current pandemic and lock down restrictions. However, this information is always good to have on hand when the time comes. Thanks for sharing and stay safe.

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