Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

It is quite tempting to pack your bag and take a trip with the rock-bottom prices of some flights and travel packages being offered right now. For every budget traveler like myself, I will jump on that opportunity. However, this time is not that kind of “opportunity” you want to have just to be roaming the Earth. I have canceled most of my travel plans this 2020. How about you?

The World Health Organization has already characterized the COVID-19 as pandemic last 11 March 2020. Every nation on this planet (whether affected or not) is doing everything they can to stop the spread of this infectious virus. And what will this mean for travelers like us? A lot of sacrifices for the greater good! That is what we, the travelers, should do. Sacrifice our travels as long as they are not really that necessary to help in the prevention of the virus spreading.

Many are still debating whether to put their whole life and plans on hold because of the situation happening right now. A lot are saying they are very fit and that they can overcome the virus. Granting that, how about the others who may not be as fit as you?

I usually take a birthday travel every March. Due to the many travel restrictions on the places I want to visit, it was best to just cancel everything for now. We (hubby and I) decided to just book an overnight weekend stay in one of the hotels here to celebrate my birthday. We bought alcohol and sprayed the countertops and tables and any surfaces of the hotel’s room. We did our small part to sanitize the room voluntarily. But, I can always travel after all of these things settle down.

Please consider dropping all your travel plans for now and stay locally. If your country is not affected by the virus, then good for you. Explore your own country or city and learn a lot from your place. And perhaps make a video of the wonderful places you have visited right at your very own locale and share it for others to see the beauty of your place.

If you are currently in a country where there is a case of COVID-19, please heed the government’s advice and check travel bans and advisories.

Let us all be responsible not only to ourselves and our families but also to our brethren. We have a social and moral obligation to help in preventing this virus from spreading any further, whether you are fit and living in an unaffected place. Help promote proper hygiene to your family and friends rather than sulking about not being able to go elsewhere.

Save your money for now. You may use that as pocket money for a longer adventure once this is all over.

Lastly, include everyone in your prayers. We need an end to this thing. Let’s help the world heal. Stay home. Be responsible. Do not travel for now.