Working in an airline industry, I should know better when to use my “better judgment” when it comes to traveling during some deadly virus scare. Most of the time, I push for my whims and still go but this time, I take the heed of what’s happening around me.

I am supposed to be traveling on Feb. 14 until the 20th to Europe. Although the countries where I am headed to do not have any reported case, but their neighboring countries have. What scares me is the fact that we will never know when a travel ban will be enforced in certain countries. That is one thing I don’t want to find myself into – stuck in a foreign land with limited financial resources.

Much as it disappoints me to no end, I decided to use caution and cancelled my trips this coming week. I can always go next time when all these craziness subside.

If you are also traveling and you feel that the travel can be postponed to some other date, please do yourself (and your loved ones) a favor. Skip the trip if it’s all not that necessary unless it is a medical trip or something. Protect yourself and your family as we are still in the midst of these health crisis.