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I did not book this hotel but my husband did. I let him decide on where to stay as long as it is very close to the Dusseldorf Hauptbahnhof. I would have preferred Ibis Hotel as there is one just next to the train station and another Ibis at the back. However, since I let him take the rein this time, I just agreed.

Honestly, the hotel wasn’t really that bad. Although being a business hotel as what the property’s name in Tripadvisor, I thought the rooms will be at least bigger, more modern, and with hi-tech facilities and features.

The twin room we stayed at wasn’t very big but the beds were comfortable and I had a good night sleep except for the first night. I mistakenly switched the heater off and found myself shivering. But I just switched it on again and put to the lowest setting so it wouldn’t get too warm too. The next night, I had a real good sleep.

I wasn’t able to go around the hotel premises to check out what other features it has. So, there’s nothing much to evaluate just the room, price, and customer service.

The staff in the check in wasn’t really that friendly nor too eager to welcome guests. I just didn’t feel very welcome unlike the other staff who assisted in checking us out. It was quick too. The lady who assisted in our check in didn’t offer much on attractions to see nor transportation to take. I had to even ask for a map and tips on where to go to see the Christmas Markets. If I have to compare her to other staff who welcomed us from other hotels and in other European countries, she will be in the lowest rank in terms of customer service. It wasn’t bad, neither was it stellar. She could attend customer service training for more development.

The price is mid-range. We paid around 147 EUR including taxes for the 2 nights stay, without breakfast.

My recommendation:

Will we stay here again? Not sure. I prefer All Accor properties over other hotels I am not familiar with. However, due to its proximity to the train station, easy to find, tram stop in front, we may consider. The price isn’t bad as well.

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