If you are like me who loves to travel, and taking tons of pretty pictures of the scenery then you already have something you can use to send beautiful printed or digital Christmas cards to your family and friends.

My husband and I have just recently traveled to Dusseldorf to check out the beautiful Christmas Markets around the city. The bright colors of the cottages, the red and green hues around the place and decorations, and the nice glow of those cute fairy lights really made the pictures we captured very dramatic and in tune to the spirit of the Christmas season.

I remember that I have left some credits in my Design Bundle account so I decided to purchase some nice fonts and other Christmas themed bundles for my card making hobby. I want to create some holiday greetings for my family and friends. And I am so stoked to use my own photos as background. And I am very happy with the way things turned out with my Christmas greeting projects.

Aside from the fonts and other Christmas bundles I have bought, I also saw some beautiful svgs that I can probably use to cut vinyls that I can use to decorate our wall. There are just endless of projects in my head that I consider doing them for 2020!

Below is a sample of what I did to one of the pictures I have captured in Dusseldorf using Design Bundles’ Christmas themed svg and used it to overlay on my photo. Isn’t it cute?

My own Christmas greeting

Here are the original items before I made it into a Christmas greeting photo.

My original photo

This the big Christmas Tree in Handwerker Markt. It smells so good and it stands majestically amidst the pretty Christmas stalls in that area.

And this is the “Merry Christmas svg” from Design Bundles.net


Aside from overlays, you can also create other kinds of Christmas greetings depending on your choice just by having the right graphics, photos, illustrations, and fonts that you can use.

I have been using Design Bundles for many years now and it is only recently that I have tried using my own photos as background. I used to download photos from stock files but then, I realized, it will be nice to showcase those beautiful places I have been to in my projects, whether it is printed or not.

I am not really a designer by any means. I just love to travel and take snaps! And I also admire other people’s works and designs. If I only know how to use Photoshop, then I could have also made a lot of other Christmas themed personal cards. For now, overlays are my fancy. But these designs from Design Bundles are really cool! I don’t mind taking inspiration from these designs in my other Christmas projects too, even if they are not travel related background.

And you can also make your very own holiday greeting cards using Design Bundles’ myriad of design elements. If you wish to create a different project, you may try the photo card or printable posters and even give them as gifts this Holiday!

And here’s another photo Christmas card I have made using one of the words of Christmas element (at the side of our photo) from Design Bundles.