And we finally went! After many weeks of changing destinations from Amsterdam to Lisbon to Barcelona to Prague to Budapest to Stockholm, and finally to Dusseldorf.

I have been planning this Christmas trip since mid-2019 but I had Amsterdam in mind since I am already familiar with the place. Until I decided to take hubby along since it was his first and I wanted him to feel the experience of walking around Christmas markets. I am glad he said yes to my plan and off we went last 29 November 2019 to Dusseldorf’s many Christmas Markets for 2019.

There are plenty of Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf this year. There are 7 in total but we only managed to visit 6 of them as we couldn’t locate the smaller one which was the Sternchen Markt. But all in all, I can’t complain because last year, out of the 12 or 13 in Vienna, I only visited 3 and I didn’t even take videos. And in Munich, I only visited the one in Marianplatz. So, 6 is a big number for someone who loves the cold, wintry weather of Europe, and who is a big fan of the holiday season!

There are mulled wines and other beverages that I haven’t seen in Vienna and Munich (or I wasn’t familiar with their names), lots of gingerbread and yummy treats, clothing, Christmas ornaments and trinkets, and items created by some local artisans in the area. Of course, we didn’t miss the opportunity to drink mulled wine (Glühwein), and buy some bratwursts for honey and myself. 🙂 And, we also did some shopping since the first Christmas Market we visited as soon as we left our stuff in the hotel was in Schadowstrasse which is the location of the Schadow Markt along the stretch of many shopping stores and groceries.

I will post separate blog articles about the Dusseldorf Christmas Markets 2019 experience. Right now, my husband is preparing the videos we will upload very soon to showcase the twinkly lights, and the beautiful decorations of Dusseldorf’s Christmas Markets this year.

Will there be another Christmas Market adventure for 2020? I am thinking about it. I said the same thing last year and decided around 3rd quarter of 2019 to take advantage of the long public holiday here in Dubai. If the same holidays will fall attached to the weekend, then I will take my family again to another Christmas Market destination in Europe.