This is the 2nd year I have been going around some Christmas Markets in various European countries. Why am I doing it, you might wonder? Well, I just love Christmas season, the cold weather in general. I don’t get tired as much when I walk for several kilometers compared to when it is summer time or just pushing autumn.

This time, I convinced my hubby to tag along. He is not so big in Europe but I am a Europhile so I can’t help it. I just enjoy the winter in Europe and add to that, the beautiful Christmas markets they have by 3rd week of November onwards until New Year!

So this 2019, I choose Dusseldorf. Actually, there were many choices until hubby and I decided to go for Dusseldorf since we are entering in Amsterdam and taking the bus to Dusseldorf from Utrecht using BlaBlaBus Company’s service.

Dusseldorf is a known city in Germany that holds many themed-Christmas Markets. And that excited me so much that I wanted to see all of them. This year, they have 7 but we managed to only see 6 of them because we couldn’t find the other one. However, much as we are kicking ourselves right now for missing the other Christmas Market, we are equally happy for having experienced it again and with hubby this time.

The Dusseldorf Christmas Markets are open from 11 Nov. – 30 Dec. 2019.

So, let’s get you all familiar with the Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf for 2019.

Schadow Markt

This was the first Christmas Market we have visited as soon as we have arrived in Dusseldorf. The location cannot any be perfect! It is smack in front of our favorite department store – Primark, and it stretches all the way to Liesegangstrasse where there are more shops and supermarkets like Aldi, Rewe-to-Go.

The decorations of the Christmas stalls in this particular market varies from one another but all are made of wood and looked like they are small log-cabins. Many food were on sale and of course, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass without having our favorite bratwursts!

Ko-Bogen Markt

This market is the one closest to the Schadow Markt and is just 5 minutes walk away, and very near the tram stop too. The Ko-Bogen Markt is located between the Hofgarten Park and Dreischeibenhaus and is just beside the luxury department store called Breuninger. There are children activity area in this Christmas market with puppet show, juggling acts, and acrobatic shows. Live music is not to be missed as line-up of artists can be enjoyed below the beautiful Dome of Lights or Lichterhimmel.

We had a brief stop under the Dome of Lights and really enjoyed the live show. The artist that night was Fabian Schmelcher. We enjoyed his repertoire!

Watch until the end of this video for a brief show Fabian. 🙂

Marchen Markt

The Marchen Markt is located between the famous Konigsallee and Schadowstrasse. The theme of this Christmas Markt is about German fairy tales. There is a story-telling activity in the Kinderturm. There is one stall full of Christmas ornaments and trinkets so I had to go inside and check them out!

I enjoyed watching the numerous German Christmas Pyramids (the one with cute propellers on the top!). I was at the verge of really buying stuff because they are too pretty! But I resisted. Maybe next year!

The Marchen Market is like a wintry white spectacle in the midst of beautiful modern buildings around it. It is like mini huts in winter wonderland!

Engelchen Markt

Perhaps, this is the sweetest looking Christmas markets in Dusseldorf. I love the Angel theme of the stalls. They are adorned with angel figures on top of the stalls with mostly white backgrounds and plenty of twinkly lights.

The Engelchen Markt has plenty of delicious culinary treats sold. It is located between the Old Town (Altstadt) and Konigsallee on Heinrich-Heine-Platz.

Handwerker Markt

I enjoyed this place so much! This is where the nice tiny Christmas village houses and other accessories are being sold. Maybe there were also in the other Christmas markets but this has several stalls selling those cute tiny village that I could add in my own Christmas Village.

This is located in the heart of Dusseldorf’s Old town, and is right in front of the Dusseldorf Rathouse. In the middle of this Christmas Market is the statue of Jan Wellem.

There is also a huge Christmas tree in this place and several fresh trees, making the place very magical!

Altstradt Markt

This market is located in the Old Town and it provides a festive link between the Handwerker Markt and Engelchen Markt. You cannot miss this place since there is a big German Christmas Pyramid there that is smack in the middle of the alley.

And if you visit this place, don’t miss to check out the German Christmas Pyramid I mentioned earlier while sipping your mulled wine. The figures are animated and make a guess who they are!

Sternchen Markt

So, we thought we managed to visit all 7. Lo and behold, this particular one is not as big as the others. It is slightly hidden away in the inner courtyard of Wilhelm-Marx-Haus. And we missed this one. We might have passed by the area without noticing or realizing because there were plenty of people. But I am not complaining. Imagine, in a span of 1 day, and just few hours, we have managed to visit 6 of them. And this is the shortest European getaway my hubby and I have ever done. We were there for only 2 nights! So, we made the most of it and we hope you enjoyed our vlogs too!

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