Photo by Jason Abdilla on Unsplash

Let’s face it, not all of us are as brave as those who face winter head on. Many winter travelers who go on hiking enjoy the arrival of winter season for many reasons. Aside from enjoying the cold weather, they love to explore outdoors as well and no weather can stop them even if it is 20 below 0.

If you are just new into the whole winter travel scene and would love to experience the great outdoors during this beautiful (and can also be dangerous) season, you have to know what to wear and bring on your winter travel and hikes. Also, make sure you are well informed with the weather condition and other safety tips before you embark on a winter hike. It is recommended to buddy up with a seasoned winter hiker or tag with groups of people who have done this countless of times.

Layered clothing

Remember to have a heated base layer, a mid layer and an outer layer when going about with your winter hike. Wear long sleeves sweater or jersey, a long cotton and comfortable underwear, and thermal socks. Layer it with fleece pullover or jacket or vest, thermal pants, and finally wear your puffy and well insulated outer jacket with hoodie. Make sure it is also wind and water-proof. You can bring a soft shell pants or any ski pants that you can wear over your thermal pants for extra heat as you can remove them as you generate heat or when in rest.

Insulated hiking boots with winter traction aid

You will need more than a boots. You need an insulated hiking boots that you can wear even when it snows. Buy a winter traction aid like ice cleats that you can wear and remove when needed. Cozy Winters have plenty of winter outdoor wear and accessories that you can check out for your winter day hike.

Gloves and hats

You need either lightweight or heavy weight fleece or wool hat as they generate heat to keep your head warm. Get something that you can wear even under the jacket’s hood. As for the gloves, get something that has insulated lining to keep your fingers toasty.

Spare clothings

Bring extra jersey, cotton underwear, thermal leggings, and pair of socks in case you need to change if your other garments become soaked.