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Europe is teeming with beautiful sceneries, making it a picturesque place to visit and have plenty of photo ops. Aside from its many natural beauty, Europe is also blessed with flowing rivers that pass through cities and smaller towns in the countryside.

I have crossed few rivers during our vacation in Europe and they all have their distinct appeal, making visitors come back for more of the river scene and the places surrounding them.

Seine River in France

The River Seine is the very first river my family and I have seen and crossed while visiting Paris in 2006. I was totally in awe of its beauty and the activities going on the river itself. We took a cruise along the Seine River and took in the sights to behold!

The Seine River is a 777-km long waterway in the heart of Paris. It can accommodate ocean vessels only up to Rouen.

There are numerous bridges crossing this beautiful river and when you are in a cruise, you will pass on several historical and beautiful bridges too. The tour guide even told us that we could wish and kiss under one of the bridges when the cruise passes and it has been said that whoever you kissed under that bridge will be your lifelong partner.  Not sure if that was true but husband and I kissed anyway. 🙂 The daughter was not amused!


Danube River in Hungary

Perhaps the widest of all the rivers I have seen so far, in my opinion. It seemed like a very long walk to cross the Chain Bridge to get to the other side of Budapest. It has a regal look that somehow captivates me and I don’t even like big bodies of water.

The Parliament Building is such a sight to behold with its majestic facade overlooking the beautiful Danube.

Once you are on the Buda side of the city, take the funicular and go up the Budapest Castle ground to have a magnificent view of the Pest side just like what I did. Towering above all the buildings is the dome of St. Stephen’s Basilica.


Zaan River in Netherlands

The Zaan River is a small river that passes through Northern part of Netherlands.  The municipality of Zaanstad is part of the areas where this small river crosses and towns within the municipality are named after this river such as Zaandijk, Westzaan, Koog aan de Zaan, and it also passes through the small village I visited sometime back with the windmills called Zaanse Schans.

The Zaanse Schans is part of a land tour if you book via Viator and you can get more tours to see the beauty of Netherlands.


Amstel River in Netherlands

The Amstel River flows through North Holland from the South.  The Amstel Brewery is named after this river and there are more brewery near the river bank as it was said that the river water was used in the brewery to make beers. Not sure if that is true though.

The famous Skinny Bridge or the Magere Brug spans the Amstel River amongst other bridges.  And Amstel is also a famous channel for floats and parades in The Netherlands.


Vltava in Czech Republic


Photo credit: prague.eu

The most captivating river I have seen in all my travels in Europe is the Vltava River. It is teeming with life in a sense, there are plenty of activities going on the river itself and I am very amused! When I took a video and photo of the Vltava river, it was still early so there were few sailboats and river cruise ships passing through the river. Around after lunch, the river had a plethora of colorful sailboats, groups of people kayaking, more river cruises passing along and the river just became more alive than it was in the morning. Even the swans loved the river so much, they joined in the fun! My photo can’t do justice on the beauty that is in front of me. I wish I have taken photos of the activities happening on the river but because I was just beaming with glee and soaking in all the scenes happening in front of me, for a moment, I felt I wasn’t a tourist. I was a person, marveling on the grand beauty of nature.

The Vltava River is the longest river crossing the Czech Republic and it merges with Elbe at Melnik.

Tiber in Italy

Tiber River is considered the 3rd longest river in Italy.  It flows through Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio and later joined by the river Aniene to the Tyrrhenian Sea.


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