Warsaw is a city full of history, and tragic past. It is one of the famous tourist destinations in Poland and Central Europe, and I now know why.

I have read many stories about the history of Warsaw, and I have always wondered how they rose from the ashes when most of Warsaw’s Old Town was destroyed during World War II. It has been a victim of many wars and destructions but seeing the Old Town now, it makes you think just how resilient the Polish are.

St. Anne’s Church

The Old Town Square also known as Stare Miasto, is the oldest part of Warsaw near the Vistula River. It is a prominent tourist destination where you will find many churches, statues and monuments, restaurants, old structures, the Old Royal Castle, and the market square.

Walking around the Old Town Square, you wouldn’t think that those beautiful buildings were rebuilt after the war to look as closely as possible from the original when they were destroyed during 1939. They are very beautiful and rustic looking. I thought they were original.

The Old Royal Castle sits near the old walls that fortified the area. If you will commute to this place from the Centrum via tram, you will get off on the side of the wall and climb the stone stairsteps to reach the square from the side of the castle.

The Old Royal Castle

Everything around this place is just amazing. You just cannot believe how they managed to fix every structure back to their glory and make Warsaw one of the most visited places in Europe.

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