If you have decided to book a berth on the famous Trans-Siberian Railway, you are certainly in for an unforgettable experience. First class is without doubt the best way to experience this epic journey. Tourists from all over the world ride this amazing train journey, which can take you across Russia, through Mongolia and onto Beijing, the Chinese capital. If you are travelling 1st class, here is a brief description of what to expect.

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Tsars Gold Private Trans-Siberian Train

This is a very special train that runs on a normally closed route. This train is designed with luxury train travel in mind. If you plan on taking the very best class of berth on this train, be prepared for some unashamed luxury, with ensuite bathrooms and a luxury cabin. If a luxury Trans-Siberian railway trip is what you’re planning to do, this train has all the mod cons to make it a luxury train journey with a difference. Bolshoi Platinum is the name of the very best class on this train, with a total of 5 categories. The twin berth cabins have automatically controlled air conditioning. Such is the grandeur of the Bolshoi Platinum, there are only 5 cabins per carriage, and as this class is very popular, you need to book well in advance.

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Golden Eagle Luxury Trans-Siberian Railway

This train is also designed for foreign tourists. It takes you along the shores of Lake Baikal, which is closed to the regular Trans-Siberian trains. All first-class cabins have ensuite facilities, and this train even has interesting activities such as lectures on the local cultures and customs. It is a firm favourite among foreign tourists, as it is safe, clean and very reliable. The accommodation on this train is unrivalled, with a double bed, wardrobe, and underfloor heating in the ensuite shower room. You can watch DVDs if you get tired of the spectacular views. Generally speaking, you will have a level of luxury that is hard to find on any other train. There is one traveller’s account of their incredible journey on the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Railway, which makes for a great read, especially if you plan on taking the same route. The standard of service on this train is much higher than that of the regular Trans-Siberian Express. If you fancy experiencing the most luxurious train journey in the world, this would be the ideal choice.

There are a few routes, and the tour operator is the person to talk to regarding the various routes available. They can also help you by putting you in touch with a visa agency, who can assist you with the visa application process. It is a good idea to do some online research regarding the various routes available, which will help you to make an informed decision on which route to take. You are advised to book well in advance, as these luxury berths are very popular with foreign tourists. If you want to travel next year, now would be the best time to make your booking.


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