My husband and I spent the brief Eid Holidays in Warsaw, Poland last June. It was not our first choice because I really wanted to spend the Eid in Amsterdam because the weather was still inviting. But my husband and I kind of dilly-dallied on the travel plan and the flights got full and the one available was for Warsaw. So, Warsaw it is!

I have seen many photos of Warsaw in the internet and knowing the history of this place really piqued our curiosity. We only decided to stay in Warsaw for 5 days since the weather was just too much so we may come back during fall or late winter next year.

I love palaces, and parks. So, I asked my hubby to take me to the Lazienki Park since the park itself has plenty of small palaces that the royal family used before as royal summer residences in early 18th century.

One of the beautiful statues when you enter in one of the entrances of the park

It is a huge park sitting in the centre of Warsaw in Śródmieście and it’s very accessible from the city centre via bus (116) or metro (get off at Politechnika). I think the tram also passes this area but not sure which one as I haven’t seen any when we went there. In our case, we took 159 off Pl.Konstytucji which was several blocks away from Novotel where we were staying. But the bus ride was very short, approximately 15 mins. only. Then we got off at Rozbrat and from there, walked for another 15 minutes or so along Mysliewecka. We passed by a radio station, a sport’s stadium, some embassies, and before the turn of the road, we spotted the entrance in the Museum area of Lazienki Krolewskie.

The whole park has plenty of palaces, but we only viewed some statues and amphitheater, and the Palace on the Isle, the Myślewicki Palace, the Officer Cadets School, and White House & Orangery as we entered on the side of the Agrykoli entrance. And as I have mentioned earlier, this is a very huge park and it has several entrances.

Natural trail near the Palace in the Isle
Myślewicki Palace
Palace in the Isle
Palace on the Isle from the bridge exiting the park
Side of the Palace in the Isle

I loved walking in Lazienki Park. There are paved and non-paved pathways that give you the old-feel vibes of how it was during that time. I enjoyed walking at the side of the pond of the Palace in the Isle and across you would find a beautiful Willow tree.

Theatre on the Island / Amphitheatre

I wish there were more time so we could spend at least half a day in this place. The weather was just not as breezy as I hoped to be. It got so hot towards noon time that we had to leave and head back to the hotel. But if I was to plan another visit to the beautiful Warsaw, I would definitely come back during fall or just about winter for a different feel. I could imagine the foliage changing colors, and perhaps a white, wintry Christmas feel. I can’t wait!

Taking a break near the pond in front of the Palace in the Isle

Do I recommend this place to future travelers or those planning to visit Warsaw? You bet I will! It is a very beautiful place. It is quite serene, and if you like architecture, palaces, and nature all rolled in one, then the Lazienki Park should be in your list.

Please watch our vlog featuring this beautiful park in the midst of Warsaw. Enjoy!

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