A lot of people choose to fly over to Europe and go traveling around all the different destinations there. It has many perks, the key one being that so many fantastic countries are all close together on the same continent. Likewise, people travel to Asia for the same reason. But, one place that tends to get overlooked is South America. 

Much like Europe, South American is blessed with some wonderful destinations that are all on the same continent. It’s definitely a bucket-list-worthy place to visit, and here’s a guide for anyone that’s thinking about going there. 

Pack for the climate

South America is known for its climate. Almost all the main destinations will get really hot and humid during the summer season. So, make sure you pack the right clothes so you don’t melt away in the heat. Likewise, sunscreen is absolutely essential as the sun really burns bright here. Lastly, make sure you pack some type of insect or mosquito repellent – along with some cream to help treat any bites. If there’s one thing you’ll see a lot of in South America, it’s insects! Keep them away with your repellent, then make sure you soothe any bites if you’re unlucky enough to become a tasty meal for the local mosquitos. 

Go on tours

The best thing about South America is that you have some genuinely outstanding places to visit. The worst thing is trying to cram in as many of these destinations as possible while ensuring you get a good look around. So, the best solution is to go on tours of different countries. There are tours to Colombia that take you around Bogota and other areas. You can experience tours around Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Buenos Ares in Argentina, and even the Galapagos Islands of Machu Pichu in Ecuador and Peru. The benefit of tours is that you get taken around different routes and will see the main attractions in each place. It’s more time-efficient, so you’re able to get around to more of the countries. 

Consider travel cards instead of cash

Unlike Europe, South American countries don’t all follow the same currency. So, the best way to handle this is with a travel card. You can load it up with money, then use it to pay for things in every country you go to. It also has the benefit of letting you withdraw cash as well. Most of these countries don’t really have card payments as frequently as we do over here, so cash is the preferred method. With a travel card, you can use a local ATM to get money out, rather than needing to bring wads of cash with loads of different currencies for each separate country. 

Try one local dish from each country

One last tip; eat at least one local meal from each country you visit. South American cuisine is ridiculously good, and they eat a lot of unusual and tasty things here. So, make sure you try some authentic dishes from every country you end up in. 

Hopefully, this short guide gives you some vital information and tips on how to travel to South America. It’s such a brilliant continent packed full of stunning sights, and it’s definitely worth visiting.