Another Eid holidays are coming very soon. I have initially planned to travel solo but the flights aren’t looking great and I don’t want to spend money buying a ticket from another airline, even if it is a rebated ticket for airline staff. It is still going to cost me $$$.

Anyway, I have been going back and forth with my travel plan for a short weekend break in Amsterdam. Yes, Amsterdam again and don’t ask why. 🙂 Honestly, I just find the place very enchanting and I enjoy being in that place. And after being given a whooping 5-year visa validity in Schengen by the ever generous Netherlands, it is fitting to use that first trip back to Amsterdam (part of the proper use of Schengen Visa). And I have no complaints.

We may have 5 days off (including the regular Fri-Sat off) this August 10 for the Eid Al Adha holidays. I still don’t know whether to push through or not. The ping-pong decision making in my head is driving me nuts already. I want to go, then another part of me says to stay in Dubai and just save the money for next time. Meaning, I can always delay the trip, not that it is very essential at the moment.

Another problem is, hubby may not come with me even if I have initially planned this trip to be a solo, I still prefer him to be with me.

Right now, the decision is already unfolding but I may wake up tomorrow with another perspective. Let’s see how it goes. I may just check the weather and see what the weather will be like this coming August in Amsterdam. I am not keen to travel when it a bit hot because I won’t be able to enjoy my stroll there. So, if the weather is not inviting, I’d drop the whole idea and postpone it to October when the weather is a bit cooler. Yes, that sounds a legit reason to call the trip off. 🙂