Read on for some key advice on buying travel insurance for your next trip.

Cover Options

Travel insurance comes in many different shapes and forms, from single-trip policies to annual cover. One of the most important factors to consider is the coverage the policy provides. Does it give you the level of protection that you are looking for? Below, we take a look at the different cover options that are available in further detail.

A lot of travel insurance policies will cover you for missed and delayed departure. However, you will need to show that you did everything in your power in order to make the flight. Of course, if the delay was caused because of mechanical failure, bad weather, or anything else out of your control, you should have no trouble claiming so long as this is something that is covered in your insurance plan. Most travel insurance policies also cover you if your holiday has been cancelled. Acceptable reasons range from bereavement to natural disasters. Typical exclusions include a disinclination to travel or the tour operator ceasing to trade.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you may find it more difficult to arrange cover, but there will often be policies available, although they may be a bit more expensive. Make sure you are honest and clear about any illnesses. You also need to ensure that all medical costs are covered. You may need air ambulance companies if you’ve had a serious injury, so you will need a policy that covers this. Are legal expenses covered? Some plans will cover the cost towards making a claim for any injury or illness suffered during your trip that was not your fault. Other cover options insurance companies can offer include personal liability, stolen or lost personal belongings and baggage, winter sports, and trip abandonment.

Money Saving Tips

Travel insurance is widely available. Most people want to find an insurance policy that provides them with the insurance coverage they require while also being cost-efficient.

The first tip when looking to reduce the cost of travel insurance is to avoid purchasing a policy when you purchase the vacation via a travel agent. If you do this, you are unlikely to get the level of cover you require, as these policies are typically lacking. In most cases, the travel agent will have a connection with the insurer, and they will receive a commission for every customer they get to take out an insurance plan. Therefore, they are recommending insurance companies to you for the wrong reasons. Moreover, you will pay for the travel agent’s commission, which means you will end up paying over the odds for the insurance plan.

Another tip is to use comparison websites in order to find the best deals on travel insurance. By doing this, all of the best travel plans will be gathered in one place for you, and you can easily compare them based on value for money, coverage options, premiums and such like. Finally, do not pay for more coverage than you need, and make sure that the policy is right for your requirements.