If you’re looking for a taste of summer, you’re looking for a destination with hot and sunny weather. You’re looking for somewhere with plenty of shops and summer sales for you to go around. You’re looking for

So if you’re out to get an early taste of the summer, here are some great destination ideas for you. You never know, you might just return to any one of these places in July for an extended vacation, because you already know how well suited they are to the summer lifestyle!

The Greek Islands are Always Popular

Going to Greece during the summer is a very popular move for tourists out there, as Greece is seemingly a magical place with a lot to offer anyone stepping off of a plane. And of course, there’s a lot of Greek Islands to make your way around, so get an early start for the summer season only makes sense!

If you head to Athens, you can quickly make your way over to the islands of Paros and Naxos, which are situated slightly to the south east of the main island – there’s a lot of natural, beautiful beaches here. You can then head on to Crete in the south, and soak in all the ancient history on offer there. It’s Greece’s largest island, so you’re going to want to spend a good week there at least!

Hit Up America’s East Coast

The East Coast of America often has a colder climate compared to the West, but it shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking for a taste of a classic summer vacation! After all, the Atlantic Ocean is stretched out in front of you, and cities such as Boston and New York are right behind you – what’s not to love about that?!

And be sure you don’t miss out on any famous boardwalks whilst you’re here; there’s all sorts of resort towns just bordering the coast, and taking a sip of a cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts Ocean City might just be the perfect way to wake up to the summerlike sunrise. Once you’re done here, with a donut in hand, you could take a trip down to Ocean City beach, which has plenty of warm, golden sand for you to sprawl out on and soak up some Vitamin D.

Central Europe Has a Lot to Offer

Especially if you’re taking the time to explore the capitals, or you’re heading off to discover the port towns – these are huge trading hubs you can really sink your souvenir money into. One such city is that of Hamburg in Germany – you can take a sit down in any one of the number of parks here, and then take a canal boat along the long and lovely rivers to get back to your hotel. Summer is all about leisure, after all!

Tasting the summer just before it settles in means milder weather and milder conditions, perfect for getting those great selfies you’ve always wanted from a summer vacation away!