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There are numerous routes you can take when you book a cabin on the iconic Trans-Siberian Railway. This is the longest train journey in the world, with Moscow to Vladivostok covering more than 9,200 km, and if it is your wish to travel from one side of Russia to the other, the Trans-Siberian Railway route for you is Moscow to Vladivostok.

If you’re planning to take on these routes soon, Here are other things you need to know:

The Trans-Siberian Railway

Traditionally, the main route of this network is from Moscow to Vladivostok, which is the eastern most city in Russia, and as far as Trans-Siberian railway holidays go, this route is one of the most popular among foreign travellers. If, for example, you wanted to spend one week in Moscow, then you could board the Trans-Siberian train that will take you right across the vast expanse of Russian wilderness, covering over 9,200 km and ending at Vladivostok on the East coast.

Established Trans-Siberian Tour Companies

Any person who is thinking of booking a cabin on this epic train journey, would have to search online for a well-established Trans-Siberian tour operator, and you would find all the information you need on their website to plan the perfect holiday. Some people prefer to do this trip the other way around, departing Vladivostok and travelling west to Moscow, which is a great trip if you are going in the spring or autumn. The summers are very busy, as most tourists choose this time, while the spring or autumn are both preferred seasons, as there are less people and the temperature is not too hot.

The Trans-Mongolian Route

This route follows the same path as the Trans-Siberian route until the train reaches Ulan Ude, where the train heads into Mongolia, stopping at Ulaanbaatar, the capital, before heading on to Beijing. If you are taking this route, you will need visas for both Mongolia and China, which is something the tour operator can assist you with. This is a very popular route, as it gives the traveller an insight into the nomadic lives of the Mongolian people who live in Gers (Mongolian tent), and they migrate with their livestock, always looking for better grazing.

The Chinese Experience

Not only do you get to see Ulaanbaatar and the Mongolian steppes, this route takes you all the way to Beijing, the capital city of China. If you are planning to ride the Trans-Mongolian route, then you will need a visa for Russia, Mongolia and China, and by dealing with an established tour operator, you will have all the help you need. Ulaanbaatar is definitely worth spending a few days exploring, and this is the land where Genghis Khan began his epic conquest, and you can travel through the amazing wilderness and even meet some of the nomadic people. You can go horse riding with these warriors, and you can witness their colourful festivals and get an insight into their rugged way of life.

It makes sense to do some online research about both the Trans-Siberian and the Trans-Mongolian routes, which will help you to make an informed decision about the best route to take.