My husband and I have been mulling about sharing our travel adventures videos in public because we are not really professional travelers (if there is such a thing!) nor we take good videos. We just enjoy the perks that we get to travel. However, family and friends who are unable to join us in our travel adventures would like to see the places we have been as well so, we always make personal videos to share to them. And now that we have decided to keep traveling, we also decided to just make future videos public as well so we can share tips, the eating hangouts, shopping in foreign lands, the hotels we stay in, and so much more. It’s like, you get to travel with us too!

So, our The Travelbugs Vlog in Youtube is now live! We do hope you’ll watch, like, share, and most importantly – subscribe to our channel.

Here is the first video we uploaded. 🙂

We will try our very best to update it regularly so we can share to all of you our travel adventures.

You may click the bell icon too so you will know when a new video is up.

Thanks and let’s travel!