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Photo by Benjamin Wong on Unsplash

The long public holiday has been announced here in the UAE. Some people are already on their long vacation leave while others have started the ball rolling with their sudden trip plan for the Eid holidays.

If you are traveling this Eid, don’t get caught up with the hassles of a very short notice travel arrangements. Here are few tips to help you plan, and enjoy the Eid holidays next week.

Check your travel documents

Is your passport valid? Do you have more than 6 months validity left in your passport before it expires? Is your residence visa still valid by the time you complete your journey and return back to the UAE? If all your answers to these questions are YES then your travel documents are the least of your concerns.

Flight and accommodation booking and availability

Since the holiday was recently announced officially in the UAE, flights and hotels both local and abroad may become busy as this holiday also coincides with the schools’ holidays too. Families will try to squeeze in a short sojourn with their kids in tow. And airlines, and hotels may become stretched depending on where people will go. Some may consider flying to a nearby country and I am thinking, Oman, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and other Middle Eastern countries may become a favorite. Some will consider flying home especially those who live in India, Pakistan, Kenya, Turkey and other countries where the flying hours are shorter than 5.

Book as early as you can to secure those seats and accommodation. You can check from Booking.com for other destinations with hotels and flights too. Better yet, buy a full package that includes air tickets, accommodations, and even airport transfers to avoid the dilemmas of last minute travel-planning.


Ensure you have a visa

If you are considering to travel to a different country that requires a visa, please ensure you check the visa formalities to avoid embarrassment, and more so, the trauma of getting rejected in the immigration. You won’t believe this but some people manages to get through the check in counters of airlines without any visa on the country of their destination, only to be denied entry upon landing due to – lack of visa. So travelers, please check if you require a visa. If you do and don’t have the time, consider changing your destination to a country where you can freely come and go.

Stay connected

Assuming you got lucky and managed to get seats for your flight, and a good deal from accommodations in your destination then stay connected. If part of your travel involves getting updates from your social media accounts, or if you are a blogger or blogger (like myself 🙂 ) and has to be connected most of the times during your trip, try getting a rental wifi pocket device or a sim card that has large data that you can use while abroad.

Roaming charges and data usage while abroad may incur exorbitant fees. Avoid that problem and get a rental pocket wifi on the go!

Check out this wifi rental offer from Viator for Paris / Amsterdam as an example.

Consider staycation

Traveling does not have to include boarding a plane. Have you heard of the term “staycation?” This means, you are on a vacation but will not necessarily travel.

This will be the best for those who cannot go on a trip outside the UAE due to many reasons. Not only does it save you the agony of a crammed travel plan, and it also saves you money.

There are already hotels and resorts around the UAE with Eid break offer. Check out your favorite hotels if they are offering an Eid Holiday package for you, the family, or with friends.

If staying in a hotel is not your thing, then there is no place like home! Enjoy the comfort of your home with all the amenities you need without having to spend much at all. Binge on Netflix, or invite family and friends over for karaoke!

Hopefully, you get to do what you have planned for this Eid holiday! Whether it is a trip abroad, a visit to your home country, a staycation at one of your favorite hotels or resorts in the UAE, or even just staying at home, the most important thing is you have fun, relax, and enjoy the Eid holidays.

Eid Mubarak and let’s travel!

Other Photos: credit to Viator