Often counting down to your next vacation can be just as exciting as stepping foot on that plane or packing up your car to embark on the journey. A vacation is time to spend with your nearest and dearest, make some memories, and potentially relax from the hustle and bustle of life. But, you can run the risk of going, getting to your hotel or accommodation and literally doing nothing else other than stepping in the pool and venturing out to the local restaurant for some food. Is that really what you want out of your vacation? If you like the idea of exploring a little more then here are some of the ways that you could do it on your next trip.

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Go on a road trip vacation

When you go away and you book a hotel, the chances are you don’t venture much away from it. However, if you decide to incorporate a hotel stay along with a road trip, then this is where it can get interesting. A road trip could be done in different ways. You could plan out your route and travel by car, booking accommodation along the way. Or you could choose something like renting out an RV, which becomes your accommodation as well. As long as you have a good rv pump and you stay close by with good facilities then it could be a great way to enjoy your vacation. Enabling you to see much more than you would do normally.

Be proactive with different excursions and trips

Of course it is important than when you book a holiday that you are proactive when it comes to excursions and trips. This encourages you to leave the hotel or accommodation you have booked in with and see more of the resort or location you have travelled to. Excursions can be anything like a bike ride somewhere, or taking a boat trip, but it could enable you to see more than you would on foot. It is definitely worth checking out the reception area for leaflets of potential excursions that you can take.

Hire a car to see more of the destination

The next thing you can do is to consider hiring a car yourself on relying on excursions to see the place you have travelled to. It can be thrilling to just get out on the open road, if you are a confident driver, and head around the city or the country and enjoy taking in all the incredible sights. There could be so much more to see if only you had the confidence to venture out and look for it.

Go for a walk or a hike

Finally, why not just go for a walk or hire a bike the next time you want to see a little more? It sounds so simple, but around the corner there could be another beach to explore, another restaurant to try and things to see and do. Ask for some recommendations from hotel staff if you are unsure in which direction to take.

Let’s hope that these tips help you when it comes to seeing more than just the hotel walls on your next vacation.