The travel bug has definitely bitten. This time, it’s not just me, but also my hubby. He was initially adamant to travel to Europe. He’s more of an American guy and I am more of a Renaissance gal. I have convinced him again to renew his Schengen Visa last February 2019. And after being given a year-long visa validity with multiple-entry, he is so stoked!

In the Old Town Square in Prague in summer of 2018.

My Schengen visa is going to expire in few months. I am ready to apply for a new one and hoping and praying that I get another one-year validity with multiple entry as I have plenty of travels planned for the year.

2018 has been very good. I managed to make 6 trips (including my home country) last 2018 and that is an achievement. My husband and I usually take 2 trips per year but last year, I was on a roll. I just wanted to maximize the Schengen visa given to me.

The Travel Bugs in Taipei last Aug. 2018 with the mum-in-law.

I had 4 European sectors and 2 Asian sectors which are all exciting. I went to Amsterdam, Prague, Taipei, Munich, Nuremberg, Vienna, and lastly, my home country the Philippines before I capped the 2018.

First quarter of the year already rolled and my husband and I already covered Amsterdam (3rd time and still loving it!) and Brussels (twice for me) again this year. After several weeks of changing destinations for our June week-long get-away to Europe, we have finally decided on the destination. I will reveal it on the day of the trip. 🙂

The upcoming trip for the summer is a week-long journey to a place filled with troubled history but is now a glorious and thriving city in Europe.

The Travel Bugs in Amsterdam, summer 2018.

After the June trip, I have another one coming which is back to Amsterdam again by Fall. I just hope I get another long validity and multiple-entry so I can enjoy more of Europe on my brief stays. Hubby has plans of his own too. I try my best not to meddle. 🙂 We will probably try to insert a US trip before December, and then off to Osaka before Christmas time.

Traveling enriches my appreciation for culture, history, the people in that country, and for life itself. It certainly opens up a lot of new perspective and understanding of how big, and beautiful the world really is.

In front of St. Michael’s Church in Marienplatz in Munich last end of Nov. 2018.