I think the reason why I am so attracted to flowers is that I don’t have a green thumb. I love to have a garden but I cannot grow a single plant. Everything I plant just die, even the succulents. It’s just not my talent. The closest I can get is to enjoy few hours of uninterrupted flower-gazing adventure at Keukenhof. And my bucket list for that place is now fully checked! At last!

You will not believe how vast Keukenhof park is and it is filled with many variety of flowering spring bulbs. Most of the showcased flowers are tulips. Well, it is not a surprise since Holland is known for its beautiful, and sturdy tulips. And I visited Keukenhof with my family to see those gorgeous flowers and other spring plants in bloom. I am not disappointed at all.

Keukenhof has several pavilions where beautiful flowering plants are showcased. I took a long time in the Willem-Alexander Pavilion because that’s where most of the tulips and its variants are displayed.

I also visited the Juliana Pavilion again to show my mum-in-law the cultivation of tulips and other exhibit about the beautiful flower.

It was really a joyous and thrilling experience to visit the Keukenhof once again. We managed to go around the entire park and checked out other pavilions to see the flower showcases.

I highly recommend this place to everyone who plans to visit Netherlands this spring. Keukenhof is only open during spring time each year and the date varies year after year. It is open for 8 weeks until 3rd week of May. This year, it is open from 21 March to 19 May, 2019.

Here are some of the snaps I have taken around the Keukenhof park and some of the pavilions. I am not sure if I did justice with the photos because all the flowers are really beautiful up close. I only used my iPhone XS Max camera. I must say, the phone’s camera did deliver with crisp and vibrant photos. All I did was watermarked, reduced the size so I could post them here.

Enjoy the spring blooms at Keukenhof!

I hope you’ll be able to visit this beautiful garden in Lisse, The Netherlands. If you have visited it already, comment below of your experience about the place and if you could recall which theme it had the time you visited. This year’s theme is Flower Power. So, vibrant, colorful, and mixed of beautiful flowers are all over the park.

Yellow Daffodils, Hyacinths, and Crocuses
Behind me is the mixed plot of crocus, tulips, daffodils…
White variants of tulips
White Narcissus is also called Daffodil. Now you know. 🙂 You’re welcome! 🙂
I don’t know the name of this flower. It has a faint, sweet smell. I am thinking of Magnolia but I am not very sure. Do you know what flower this is?
Mixed plot, just near the main entrance of the Keukenhof
Close up of one of the types of tulips in the “mixed plot”
Inside the Wilhelm-Alexander Pavilion where different types of tulips and other flowers are on display. Some tulips were still in the bud stage. I think by the time I have posted this article, these flowers behind me would be in full bloom!
Of course, I can’t leave Keukenhof without a pose inside the Juliana Pavilion.
These flowers are really bent from the sturdy stem.
I still cannot believe how beautiful this particular tulip variant. I love its different shades of pink.
Tulips and Hyacinths behind me near the Juliana Pavilion. Looked like I was super-imposed by some photo editing app on this photo. But this is really Keukenhof. It is so beautiful there! I can’t wait to visit it again next year!

If you’re looking for tours about Keukenhof, you may book it from Viator. Check my other blog post for where to book Keukenhof tours here.