Are you relocating temporarily to a new city due to business deals, studies, long vacation, or family circumstances for a longer period of time? If so, then treat your travel plan as moving too.

Taking a long trip may be daunting as this will involve costs that may pile up overtime and sneak up while you are still on your long hiatus. Make sure you do not fall into that trap by considering some of these tips to help you cut cost on your long trips:

Moving some of your existing furniture using spacious vehicles

If your trip does not involve going overseas then consider either hiring movers or hauling some of your stuff yourself. If you have furniture that you can fit in your car or a family or friend’s bigger car then feel free to do so as this will save you cost on hiring professional movers. However, if you need to haul most of your furniture for this very long trip as it will save you money in the long run, then going through the professionals will be the best solution to take care of your moving needs.

Professional movers will be able to provide you proper packaging boxes and tapes to help you secure your belongings safely. Aside from that, they have the means to haul your stuff whether it is near or far with their numerous long container moving trucks that will provide safety, and security for your belongings from getting lost or stolen, and from the outside elements.

There are plenty of professional movers out there and search the internet with movers near me and you will find plenty where you can ask for a quotation.

Check for accommodation that provides discounts or cheaper rates when booking for longer duration

If getting an apartment from your new destination is not your preference due to cost, and checking maintenance like ensuring the heat-line and gas pipes are all ok, the HVAC are working properly, the water and electricity are all up to date and running smoothly are all not in your alley then check for accommodations that offer discounted rates for longer duration of stays. Usually, AirBnB, and bed-and-breakfast types of accommodations can give you a bang for your buck.

Stay further from the main city or other tourist attractions

Most accommodations located in the city centre or those near famous landmarks where tourists flock are often priced exorbitantly.

Accommodation rentals are always a tad cheap when it is outside the city or just on the outskirt of the city with access to main thoroughfares and other transportations.

Avoid shopping 

Your trip is not meant for shopping unnecessary things. If in case you need to do so, try shopping for your groceries instead by visiting local markets or discounted groceries. Many local supermarkets offer bargains on certain days of the week so take note of that.

Cook your own meals

If you have a kitchenette in your accommodation then prepare your own meals than spending a fortune dining out. You can prepare week-long meals for the price of a wine and main course from a fancy restaurant if you would just spend that on groceries.


If you are just driving to a new place without going overseas then bring your own car if you have. Otherwise, rent a car for long duration as this saves your more when you rent for longer use.

If you can avoid having a car to drive around, then rent a small scooter or a bicycle. Not only are they compact and easy to use and navigate around small roads and traffic, they are also cheap to rent out.

Make your own tours

Save on guided tours by taking charge of your own by researching places and other activities you may consider before embarking on a journey.
Check out forums and read on free tours you can take in your new city to save money. Walk around and meet new locals who can give you insider tips about their town and explore.

Traveling to another place is a wonderful experience as it opens up many opportunities to meet new people, explore new places, learn about culture, pick up a new language, and even probably find a business opportunity or job for business travelers. Enjoy the experience!