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Vienna is a city that houses plenty of Christmas Markets in one locale. I have managed to fulfill my long dream of visiting any Christmas Markets in Europe and found that Vienna is the perfect place for that.

There were approximately 11 Christmas Markets for 2018 in Vienna alone. Other European cities have their Christmas Markets too and I will visit them next time.

This Christmas Market located in front of the Vienna City Hall is one of the most famous and quite touristy Christmas Markets in all of Vienna. Millions of people both local and visitors, flock to this venue to experience and Christmas market thrill. A night time visit is a must for you to enjoy the lights of Christmas amidst the busy chatter of people, the smell of hot Christmas punch, and tasty baked rolls while strolling around.

There are plenty of stalls in the Christmas Market in front of the city hall. There are delicacies, shops for ornaments, food, handicrafts, and souvenirs.

Another part of the market is an ice skating rink for both adults and kids to enjoy. There were many kids around even at the bitter cold so I guess, it’s okay to take kids there, even young ones, at night as long as they are well bundled up.

I didn’t buy any Christmas punch this time since I already bought from Munich. I wish I had though but I was trying to scrimp. I did buy 2 desserts from one shop where people were flocking. I liked the treats with chocolate frosting on top of a gooey marshmallow filled cone. It was yummy!

I spent more than an hour walking around, checking out stalls and their wares. I really enjoyed looking around. It was quite busy when I visited last Nov. 30. It was quite hard to walk around without bumping into people but everyone was just chill and enjoying their leisurely stroll so there was really no rush.

I had to cut the visit short because I was already feeling very, very cold. I thought I could stand the bitter cold. I had to visit another Christmas Market before going back to the hotel.

I did enjoy my time there. I would definitely do it again and maybe visit during the day and night to compare both scenes and experience.

From the Wien Hauptbahnhof Ost , I took the Tram D heading to Nussdorf and got off at Rathausplatz.

Where to catch Tram D from the Wien (Wien) Hauptbahnhof Ost area. The one going to Nussdorf passes Rathausplatz.

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