Itchy feet if you stay in one place too long? Unquenchable desire to see more than what is in your own hometown? Well, it could be that you are imbued with a big old dose of wanderlust, and that right career for you will be one that allows you to travel as much as possible. Happily, there is a range of options you can choose from that will satisfy this desire. Just read on to find out what they are. 

Digital nomad 

Obviously, the first career that you can consider is that of a digital nomad. In fact, being a digital nomad isn’t a career as such, but a way of working instead. The advantages of this being that you can freelance in a range of fields from the creative arts such as illustration and graphic design, to writing and editing, and even within the IT sector writing code, or designing user experiences and websites. 

Of course, it’s worth noting that despite all the positive videos and posts online, that the life of a digital nomad can be tough as well as rewarding. After all, the responsibility to find and get paid for the work you do lies with no one else, and you may experience loneliness if away from your regular support group of family and friends for a long time.

Traveling nurse 

Another option is to get work as a traveling nurse, where you can choose to take assignments all over the country. Something that will allow you to explore while still having the stability and security of a regular job. 

Of course, one of the biggest challenges to such a career is finding vacancies that allow you to do this. Luckily, agencies like AB Staffing travel nursing specialize in this area and can help do this for you. In fact, the best agencies will also help you to find lodgings while on assignment as well. Further simplifying the process, and freeing you up to explore the area in which you are based. 


Another fantastic career for those that have a burning desire to see the world is to become a commercial pilot. These are the people that captain airlines flying from one country to the next, and so it is literally built into their day to day job to travel! 

Of course, this means pilots often find themselves in new countries with time to spare until they next need to work. Something that allows them planet of leeway to explore and experience these locations while working at a satisfying and profitable career at the same time. 

Travel agent

Lastly, if travel is in your heart, why not put that passion to work as an agent? A role that requires you to not only assist others with learning about new places and making decisions for their trips but also necessitates you visiting such locations as well. 

In fact, agents often get discounts and benefits in the form of accommodation or flights that allow them to travel much more regularly than the average person. After all, to be able to talk confidently and recommend locations, you will need to have been there and experienced them yourself! A benefit of the job that is sure to satisfy those with wanderlust in their hearts!