Europe is known for its very reliable, safe, and robust train transportation. While you can take the taxi or airport shuttles if you prefer or have luggages to stow, it can be a bit costly and time consuming. If you are arriving at Munich’s Franz Josef Flughafen (airport) and only have a small luggage and prefers to travel quickly to the Main Train Station in Munich, then the train is the best way to do it.

There are 2 trains that go to Munich Hauptbahnhof (Hbf for short), S1 or S8. These 2 trains run on opposite directions and have very little difference in time duration of the whole trip.

As soon as you collect your luggage after immigration, look for the sign board with the train icon and follow that. You will find an automated information kiosk along the way and you can consult it and a real person on the other line will appear on the screen to answer your questions or clarifications. We asked one because we got confused on the directions and was quickly pointed to the right one to find the S-Bahn.

Find a ticket machine and buy the ticket that you need for your trip. I bought a single use ticket since I didn’t have plans of taking metro or buses in Marienplatz area. So, a single journey ticket was enough.  It  costs € 11.60. If you buy from a ticket booth, you will be charged extra €2.00. You can select the language you prefer. In my case, the Great Britain one for English.


And this is the ticket…

Tickets bought from the ticket machine are already validated. So there is no need for you to feed it on the validating machine before you go down to the platform. If you bought from the agent, then you need to validate it once.

If you see S1 or S8 in the platform, you can board either. Both trains will pass the Munich Hbf.

Once you reach Munich Hbf, disembark quickly. The train does wait for long for passengers to get off. My friend was unable to walk right after me because she had to prepare her luggage when the door closed. She was pressing the “open” button but it wouldn’t work anymore. So she got off the next station, rode the one coming back to Munich Hbf. So, prepare your stuff one station away and leave the train quickly.

It is advisable to know in advance the location or address of your hotel or where you will be staying. There are plenty of exits in the train terminal. You will get lost if you don’t know your accommodation’s address. We checked the map in the info board in the train station and looked for an exit near the street of our accommodation.  Bayerstrasse was the closest to the street of our accommodation so we exited that one.