Many people absolutely love visiting and exploring new places but hate the airport and actually getting a journey started. It’s true; being at the airport hours before your departure can be a bit of a farce. You can end up waiting around for a long time, and if your flight is delayed then you’re probably going to get bored, tired, and irritated. Some people love the airport; there’s shopping, duty free items, food, drinks – you name it! However, for those who don’t see the airport as some kind of holiday warm up and just want to get the whole thing over with without wasting a ton of time and spending a fortune, this guide is for you.

Below, we’re going to talk about making your time at the airport as hassle free as possible. Take a look and see what you can do and you might actually look forward to your next trip:

Know You Have The Best Seat Before You Fly

It can give you peace of mind if you know you have the best seat possible before flying. Sites like Seat Guru can show you reviews of the seats on the actual plane you’ll be getting on, as well as whereabouts you’ll find USB ports and any power outlets. Bear in mind that you might want to pick different seats depending on what you want out of your flight and whether you’re afraid of flying or not. Leaving your seats to chance is usually fine, but picking your own seats can take out one of the most stressful elements there is.


Book A Red Eye Flight Or An Early Morning Flight

Huge crowds at the airport can be annoying and even scary to some people. If you have a flexible schedule and don’t mind a late departure, a red eye flight could be just the right kind of flight for you. You might find that there are way less people at the airport and fewer people waiting to get on your specific flight. A flight like this is often way cheaper, too!

Sign Up For A TSA Precheck

A TSA Precheck is basically a pre-screening program that allows eligible passengers to volunteer information about themselves and make their screening experience much faster at participating airports. The following people may be eligible for this:

  • Select U.S. citizens flying on participating airlines
  • members of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Members of the TSA Pre Application Program
  • Members of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Trusted Traveler Program

You can apply for a TSA precheck at more than 200 airports. People who are accepted for this are able to quickly get through security without having to take off their shoes or remove laptops from cases. It’s definitely worth a look, even if you’re not sure if you’ll be eligible.

Purchase A Power Bank For Peace of Mind

Without question a power bank is one of the most useful items you can take with you when travelling. You definitely don’t want to have to mess around finding a charging station at the airport! Different power levels will have various amounts of charge in them. Some may only charge your phone and other devices once before needing to be charged themselves, others more so. A power bank will give you peace of mind both at the airport and while you’re away on your trip. They can be an invaluable bit of kit to have on you, wherever you’re going!

Take Pictures Of Where You’ve Parked

If you’ve driven to the airport and parked your car, one of the best things you can do for your future self is to take a picture of your parking spot. This allows you to save so much time hunting for your car when you touchdown back home feeling tired and ready to get back to your place. You’ll thank your past self for doing this for you!

Make Sure Your Luggage Is Unique

You don’t need to buy a garish suitcase, but if it’s too generic it’s all too easy to end up getting your luggage confused with somebody else’s. Buy something to put on your case and make it as unique as possible. You could even just secure a ribbon or some colored tape to the handle. You’ll spot it faster on a conveyor and nobody will take your luggage by mistake!

It’s a pretty good idea to buy a label for your luggage to put your name and address on, too. This way if your luggage gets lost, you can be notified by the airline.

Take Some Ziploc Bags With You

Ziploc bags come in handy when you go traveling as they can be used for numerous things. You can use them for your snacks brought from home, to store electronics to ensure they are safe even if you have a leak somewhere, and you can put your clothes inside to ensure they reach your destination dry. In fact, this is a good idea as more airports are charging for ziploc bags now, so bringing them from home will save you money, too.

Check In Online Beforehand

Checking in online is a simple airport tip that can save you untold amounts of time, especially if you only have a carry on bag to take with you. If you don’t do this, you’ll need to go to the counter to queue up and check in. The airline will also be aware that you’re more likely to show up for your flight in the days and weeks leading up to your departure, so they won’t overbook it and stop you from getting on, which does happen sometimes!

Who wouldn’t want to make their time at the airport as hassle free as possible? Travelling can be stressful, but you can make it a whole lot better by heeding the advice given here.

Do you have tips of your own that can make airport travel a lot easier and less stressful? Leave them below for our readers. Thanks for reading!