The whole of 2018 is all about Europe (Amsterdam, Prague, and a very short trip to Asia’s Taiwan last August, and now to Munich, and Vienna). I skipped the US for the time being because I don’t want to waste the one year Schengen validity given to me so might as well use it.

I will be on vacation in few days.  It is just a very short European getaway with my close friend. It’s about time we check out the Christmas Markets in Munich and Vienna. Hubby can’t come with us because he has prior commitments. And I and my friend have been planning this for a long time now. Each time we were supposed to go, we would run out of vacation leave credits or budget. This time, we made sure we will have the budget and leave credits to make the short trip happen. So yey!

Our itinerary is very simple but we won’t be joining the tours since I had an issue with my back recently and I can’t do very long, fast, and continuous walks. It will hurt me bad so this will be limited to just seeing the Christmas Markets and a day visit to Nuremberg and then a train ride to Vienna to spend the rest of the vacation.

It is nice to be able to tick a lot of the stuff in my bucket list this year for Europe. I think it will continue until mid-2019. After that, back to the US or maybe it’s time to apply for an Australian or New Zealand visas for us. Well, let’s see about the budget. For now, I will enjoy Europe as much as I can. I will definitely apply for Schengen again next year after my visa expires. I am not done traveling yet. There’s more to visit and do while I am able. So yes, more savings for travel!