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There are more than 700 islands in the Caribbean; some of them better known than others. At some point, many of them were colonies of European countries and some of them still remain so.  For instance, Martinique is still part of France, and the British Virgin Islands are part of the UK. Puerto Rico is a colony of the USA and Aruba belongs to the Netherlands. These are just a few samples; there are 13 sovereign states involved in the islands of the Caribbean.

Each island is unique. And they all have reasons for tourists to pay them a visit.


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Jamaica is probably one of the most visited Caribbean islands as people come to experience its famous music scene, having been the birthplace of reggae. Nature lovers come to the island for the stunning flora and amazing wildlife, while there are many drawn to the golf courses of Montego Bay.

Jamaica is known for its all-inclusive package deal vacations, which prove very popular with tourists from all parts of the world.

Puerto Rico

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As this island is part of the US, American citizens do not need a passport to travel here. It is an island full of activity to suit all ages. There are historical sites, nightlife, restaurants and bars, theme parks and you can shop till you drop. Puerto Rico also has some of the most beautiful beaches and it attracts surfers and snorkelers to its coast. The beaches are great for relaxing, and the warm seas perfect for a paddle. The island also has several casinos if you fancy a game of poker or blackjack.

Virgin Islands

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The British Virgin islands comprise of about 60 islands from the largest, Tortola, to some tiny uninhabited ones. They have sandy white beaches and lush green scenery. On Tortola you will see the harbors filled with yachts, as sailing around the islands is a very popular pastime. Of course, not everyone can afford his or her own yacht, but there are catamaran charter companies available for you to enjoy the same experience. It’s something you’ll never forget.


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Bermuda is still influenced by its British rule and many places still serve afternoon tea. It is said to be the most formal and most elegant of all the Caribbean islands, and it attracts many golfers to its stunning courses. The beaches are a big attraction as well, and as it is only a two-hour flight from the US, Americans love to visit Bermuda.


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If you want a quieter and less touristy vacation, this is the place for you to head. It is one of the smaller Caribbean islands which you can see all of in just a few days. It does cater for tourists as well, and you will have no trouble finding nightlife after a relaxing day on the beach.

There are many other islands to see, such as Barbados, St Lucia, Aruba, and St John to name just a few more. Between them, they have everything a tourist could want, and visiting the Caribbean is an experience of a lifetime.