Image Source: Pixabay

The Blue Mountains is a mountainous region in New South Wales that borders the Sydney suburbs and if you are looking to explore this amazing region, a helicopter tour is the perfect way to experience the truly amazing scenery of this beautiful region. The foothills of the mountain range begin about 30 kilometres from Sydney, making it an ideal starting point for a helicopter tour of the region.

See the Blue Mountains in All Their Glory

As with any geographical feature, the best way to really appreciate it fully is from the air. You can book a Blue Mountains tour by Sydney HeliTours, a helicopter tour provider in the region. If you’re planning the trip during the holiday season, an early booking is recommended as many people are looking to experience the Blue Mountains from the air.

Golden Camera Opportunity

If you experience the Blue Mountains from the air, there are simply no words to describe the view. When your friends ask you about it, as they undoubtedly will, rather than trying to describe what you saw, simply show them some of the incredible pictures you took. Not only that, recording the amazing experience will help you to recall that very special day, so make sure you have your camera, plus a few SD cards in order to capture the entire experience.

Enjoy a Superb Lunch

One thing you can be sure of when booking a helicopter tour of the Blue Mountains is that the lunch venue will be stunning. Having the luxury of your very own aircraft means that distance is no object and the tour operator knows all the very best restaurants in the best places. They will ensure that your lunch experience will be awesome. The local wines are the best Australia has to offer and if you would like a recommendation, ask your pilot.

Be Informed

While the flight is in progress (and likely during the pre-flight briefing) the tour operator would tell you all about the Blue Mountains and the history of the region. It is so much nicer to know the history of any location when experiencing it. The local expert would know all about the first human inhabitants in the region, along with some interesting geographical data about the Blue Mountains.

See the Entire Range

The only way to see the entire Blue Mountain range is by helicopter. The mountains extend for almost 100km and your pilot would take you on some amazing passes that allow you to experience the beauty of the region. Aside from the low-level flying, the pilot would gain some altitude to allow you to see the range in its entirety – something not to be missed. If you have any preferences, the pilot would do what he could to make the trip special.

As one would expect, many people wish to experience the Blue Mountains with a helicopter tour, so booking well in advance is recommended. With the expertise of a premier tour company, you really can’t go wrong.