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I am a girl who loves arts and culture with passion. I enjoy stuff like that. And it was nice to be able to stand outside two of the world’s well-known museums of all time, the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Our budget was really tight during our 2nd trip to Amsterdam. It was a belated birthday gift to my husband, so much as I wanted to go inside both of the world-class museums right in front of me, I decided to just take snaps outside and promised myself that I will visit and tour the inside of these two museums on my next visit. And that visit is coming in 2 months before I fly to Vienna for their Christmas Markets. Yes! The Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum are just 2 of the other museums you will find in the Museumplein.  The Museum Square or the area of Museumplein is home to other museums in Amsterdam like the MOCO Museum, Stedelijk Museum, and Coster Diamonds, and the Diamant Museum.
The exhibit that time was the works of Banksy. It is indeed a missed opportunity because of the tight budget. It may be a while before I can catch another Banksy exhibition somewhere in the world.
Taken from the courtyard cafe/restaurant in Rijksmuseum.
The Rijksmuseum is a Dutch national museum that houses the works of Rembrandt, Johannes Vermeer and Frans Hais. It was initially founded in The Hague at 1800 but was moved to Amsterdam in 1808.
This outdoor cafe/restaurant is a nice place to relax while enjoying the beautiful courtyard.
You can find a nice outdoor cafe/restaurant just before you enter the museum’s main entrance. We also took pictures there as it was nice to just sit and look at the plants in the garden while sipping a good and hot cup of coffee. On the other side of the museum, also in front is their shop. You can buy your souvenirs and knick knacks there. I bought a fridge magnet with the Van Gogh name, an I Love Amsterdam sticker, and a metal Heineken Plate to display in our kitchen.
The Van Gogh Musuem is modern in structure unlike the Rijksmuseum.  And as the name suggests, this museum is dedicated to the work of Vincent van Gogh.  It was opened in 1973. If you want to visit any of the museums I have mentioned or just one, like the Van Gogh, you can buy your tickets here: MUSEUM TICKET FOR VAN GOGH The Museum Square is not just a place for checking our museums of arts, cultures, and precious gems. You can also relax in the vast grassy field in front of the Rijksmuseum after a long wandering in the heart of Amsterdam. Watch people enjoy their slack time, laugh at the funny antics of dogs running around, enjoy the chatters of young folks resting under the trees, or simply soak in the vibrant life of the Dutch people. If you are looking for the big Iamsterdam signage, then visiting this place is a must. Although it can get very crowded. We weren’t able to get a decent shot of the sign without other people doing their posing as well.
It was a perfect timing when we visited the place. There was an open market of food and artsy crafts and wares made by the locals. The food was so tempting and the smell of freshly cooked meal wafted around the whole area. My hubby and I had fun trying the sausages and soups since it was still very cold that time even during the third week of June. It was also rainy.
This particular food stall selling pork cuts and sausages had a long queue and a generous taster platter. No wonder people were waiting in line to have a bite of those yummy morsel. I forgot the price though and decided to just enjoy a bite of their cut meat for samping.
This vendor sells handmade bows and they are absolutely cute and colorful!
We ended up ordering sausages, soups, and hot coffee from the food stall behind me.  Meat here in Netherlands and probably in most of Europe, really have a very fresh taste. even my husband noticed it. He said the meat tasted very clean and fresh. 
And because the budget was ultra tight, taking picture was the least we could do to remember the place and how we enjoyed walking around.
You can reach this area by tram from the Amsterdam Centraal. We took the Tram No. 12 and got off at Museumplein. Upon return to Amsterdam Centraal, we took the same tram on the return. If you are traveling to the Netherlands, make it a point to add this place to your itinerary for the arts and culture. It is a place in Amsterdam that you shouldn’t miss.  

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