**This is a press release.**

Dubai, UAE – 27 August 2018: Rapidly emerging as one of the world’s best destinations for foodies, Taiwan’s culinary credentials are enjoying a global rise in popularity – and now the East Asian nation’s best-known dishes are coming to the UAE.

Inspired by a country where the culinary philosophy is to eat often and to eat well – and where there are 20 streets dedicated solely to food in the capital of Taipei alone, the award-winning chefs at The Noodle House – Dubai’s most popular home-grown legacy restaurant – have chosen Taiwan as the inspiration for the casual dining chain’s third limited edition summer menu.

Home to a melting pot of traditions, Taiwan’s cuisine is built on strong influences from Minnan, Teochew and Hokkien Chinese communities, as well as Japanese cooking techniques, and between 27th August – 22nd September diners at The Noodle House can experience a true taste of Taiwan right on their Dubai doorsteps.

The specially curated menu kicks off with a staple Taiwanese drink, the Popping Boba tea – Jasmine tea with passionfruit bubble (Dhs22) – fruit bubbles that are filled with real fruit juice flavours and are combined with a variety of teas. As for the feast, Taiwanese streetside favourite Run Bing (Dhs55) – the south east Asian equivalent of a Mexican burrito – comprising a wheat wrap filled with bean sprouts, cabbage, bean curd, carrots, mushrooms, crushed peanut and a variety of aromatic beef stocks, is the perfect complement.

The Buddha Noodle Soup (Dhs64) is also on the menu, crafted with lotus root and shiitake mushrooms – a perfectly orchestrated bowl of spicy, savoury, fresh and salty delights. This dish even commands its own festival in Taiwan, inspiring constant competitiveness and innovation from chefs who battle for the sought-after title of ‘Beef Noodle King’.

Finally satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with Pineapple Cake (Dhs33) – the iconic Taiwanese pastry filled with candied pineapples and topped with its own popsicle, a fun twist added by Chef Stefan.   

“Famed for its sumptuous night markets, hole-in-the-wall eateries serving much-loved specialities and five-star luxury restaurants, food in Taiwan is a national obsession,” explains Brand Chef Stefan Borchardt, the man behind the restaurant’s series of South Asian-inspired menus. “Featuring a melting pot of food cultures, our chefs have devised menu of Taiwanese favourites so our loyal customers can indulge in this wonderful Asian soul food right here in Dubai.”

The special Taiwanese menu is available across The Noodle House’s Dubai outlets, and as part of the restaurant’s home delivery menu for those who prefer dining in the comfort of their own home.