Traveling around the country is a luxury for some people. It can take months to save up enough money to drive or fly to a destination. Paying for the entertainment at the destination, however, can be an extra challenge. It’s possible to have a grand time on a small budget. Use these clever ideas to afford a fun vacation that’s memorable at the same time.

Turn to Old-Fashioned Pursuits

Avoid the tourist traps that cost a lot of money. Look for local entertainment that’s unique for the area. There might be an arcade museum where you can actually play the games for a quarter each, for example. Try a busy park where street performers entertain you for tips. Every town has some diversion that’s distinct so research your destination as thoroughly as possible.

Enjoy the Water

Head out onto a lake or brave a large river for a fishing adventure. Be sure to bring fishing reel repair parts as you explore the water’s depths. Fishing is exciting for every age. Learning about bait, catching patterns and pulling up a huge fish are just a few of the delights awaiting your group. Catch and release the fish, or cook them up over a campfire. Your vacation is yours to carve out.

Try Free Days

Do some research in the area that you’re traveling to because free experiences are possible. Many museums have free days, for instance. Other businesses offer discounted days or free items for the kids. Take advantage of these freebies because they can round out your vacation entertainment. Be aware of any tickets that must be mailed or picked up for the dates, however. Some businesses are busier than others.

You can still snag a good deal by trying out a timeshare. There’s no purchase necessary as you take a tour of a property. It takes a small amount of time, and you gain a vacation at the same time. Enjoy the little things as you explore the world outside of your home. Amazing experiences will greet you each day.