Amsterdam is a beautiful city in Netherlands. It is a very popular travel destination because of its picturesque scenery, the captivating windmills, the beautiful flowers in bloom especially during Spring time, and the winding canals that flow through the city centre of Amsterdam. Aside from those reasons, Amsterdam has enchanting architectures, rich culture and arts scene, tasty cheeses, frothy beers, and the friendly Dutch folks which entices tourism to boom.

Aside from the natural beauty of Amsterdam, it is very easy to reach whether it is via train, car, or bus. And getting to the Amsterdam Centraal is fairly easy if you want to reach the city in a cheap, and comfortable manner which is by train.

For this post, I will feature the train ride which I have tried last June 2018.

Location of train station in the airport

The train station is located right under the Schiphol Plaza which is the central part of the Schiphol Airport.  The airport trains usually leaves from Platform Nos. 1 and/or 2. Please check the information desk on the day of your arrival to verify platform stands for trains leaving for the city.

Types of train tickets

We weren’t sure if we would spend most days transferring from metro to trams, and buses. So upon arrival, we just decided to purchase the one way, 2nd class train fare to Amsterdam Centraal.

One-journey paper chip ticket with the EUR 1 surchage added

This ticket is good when you will sparsely use the train or metro when in Amsterdam. The purpose of this ticket for you is to get from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central or any other station if Amsterdam Centraal is not your main destination.

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This ticket needs to be validated by checking in before going down to the platform and checking out on the platform gates upon arrival.

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You can purchase this online or from the yellow ticket machines around the plaza or from the ticket booth. Please note that the yellow ticket machines only accepts cards like credit or debit cards as payment.

Other ticket types

There are other types of train tickets available for purchase either online or through the vending machines or ticket booth in Schiphol or other train/metro stations in Netherlands. You can find more info about them in the Dutch railway website.

Ticket price

Our ticket per person cost EUR 4.30 with a surcharge of EUR 1.00 for 2nd class cabin.

A first class cabin will cost EUR 7.30 with a surcharge of EUR 1.00.

Waiting time for trains at the platform

Depends on which train you are taking (Intercity Direct of the Sprint), the trains come between 10-15 mins. interval from the next one. You are sure to catch one on your chosen time.

Travel time from the airport to Amsterdam Centraal

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There are very few stops along the way before you reach Amsterdam Centraal station. The one we took was the NS Sprinter and we stopped at Lelylaan and Sloterdijk stations before reaching Amsterdam Centraal.

Total travel time is less than 20 minutes including the stops.