It has been almost a year since I traveled and it drove me nuts! I am the type of person who will travel even for a short distance just to recharge but for some reason, I can’t understand why I only traveled once last year when I had some leave left to spare.

Anyway, I am happy for many reasons this time because when the travel bug bit, my husband went along.

I am very happy to spend half of my bonus to my husband because I have been trying to convince him to come traveling with me in Europe. He is not as fond as I am in exploring Europe. He is more the US guy. And his last travel to Europe was around 2010 or 2011, I guess. While I travel with my friends every year to at least one or two European destinations.

Another pleasant surprise was the fact that my Schengen validity was up to 1 year! So, it is really fitting that I take my weekend getaways somewhere in Europe to maximize the Schengen Visa. And who thought they would give me 1 year validity? Wow! Just wow!

Another reason for going to the Schengen states is that the flight is not full so I can my staff ticket on standby. That is a very huge savings in my part.

Well, this time around, I will really make sure I get to cover many famous cities in Europe as long as my budget allows it. Thanks to my husband too for being too adventurous that I finally learned how to take the train and trams in Amsterdam. My next trip there will be easier in terms of mobility since I can book our accommodation outside the Amsterdam ring where hotels are priced ludicrously. And the hotels are not all that fancy too. There are better accommodation outside Damrak area, just ride the tram!

3 weeks after our Amsterdam mini getaway is my weekend getaway to Prague, the land of the Bohemians! Yes! I will be accompanying my colleague this time whose visa is about to expire. I grabbed the opportunity while my husband just got back from Milan after visiting his relatives.

August is coming soon and we are also talking about going on a week-long holiday to the US and meet up with family and friends in Minnesota. Well, that is still in the pipeline but all I am saying is, I am stoked!

My December is booked for another brief getaway to one of the famous cities that hold Christmas markets. It can be in Germany (to stay with relatives and free accommodation) or Warsaw or Prague again (where we can book very affordable accommodations and explore on our own). And not to forget, after two years of not flying home, I get to spend Christmas in the Philippines again. Sweet! And that also means, I need to save big time. I have so many plans right now but I want to make sure I don’t overspend or choose the right place with the right budget to go. Anyway, I have one year of Schengen visa validity and I will certainly make the most out of it.

Watch out for more posts to come with photos of my adventures. I have several hotels to review as well and land tour to share for those who are planning to visit Amsterdam for the first time.

Keep traveling folks! And if you haven’t even tried, now is the time to get out of your comfort zone and explore the world. I always believe that we can make money later on but we can’t always make memories. Make the memories count… Travel!