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Amsterdam is a vibrant and beautiful city in The Netherlands. It is one of the famous go-to places of travelers who wants to experience the Dutch hospitality, see the amazing blooms of numerous flowering plants especially the tulips, view magnificent edifices like the windmills, taste the local cheese, watch how the wooden clogs are made, and marvel at the beauty of the canals lining up the whole of Amsterdam.

Most of the attractions around Amsterdam can be visited in a day while some are just outside the city limits which are reachable by public and private transportation. Here are easy ways to get around inside of Amsterdam:

Public transportation

There are various types of public transportation you can use while in Amsterdam. You can use the bus, metro or trams to get to the city’s famous attractions. I have tried the metro and trams on my recent visit in Amsterdam and have yet to try the bus. I enjoyed the tram rides a lot because of the frequency and it was easy to find our way around just by checking which tram number goes where.

Many tram stops are near and within walking distance to famous landmarks. Check the web for information about which number of tram passes a certain landmark and you will surely enjoy the commute.

Waiting for the tram to board to take us to Museumplein

Tram tickets can be bought from the ticket kiosks around the Amsterdam Centraal or metro stations, and from the Tourist Information office. You can also use the same ticket for transfers to other mode of transportation like bus and metro. Ask the Tourist Officer in the Information desk and he/she will be happy to tell you how you can do that.

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Walking tours

One of the popular ways to enjoy Amsterdam’s sights is by joining walking tours. There are plenty of travel tour operators lined up in Damrak and most, if not all, have the same prices to offer. Select any of the walking tours and join for a fun escapade in this beautiful city.

If you prefer to book your tours in advance so you can better plan your itinerary and manage your time during your vacation, you can simply check the many online travel tour providers and see what they have that you can fit in your schedule and budget.

You can also choose a private walking tour or have a smaller group to join a local guide who has in depth knowledge of Amsterdam’s highlights and even well-kept secrets (say, a small pocket garden to visit that not a lot of tourists know).

You may try this Private Tour: Amsterdam Rembrandt Art Walking Tour Including Rijksmuseum and enjoy the other museums around the Museumplein area.


This is one of the ways I wanted to try while in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, I am the only one in the family who knows how to ride the bike. There are hotels and other establishments renting our bikes to tourists and even locals and you can check them out if you feel like riding the bike to go around Amsterdam.

There are designated bike lanes in the city and the whole of Netherlands so you can be assured of your safety while pedaling around town.

Hop on and Hop off tours

I tried the Hop on and Hop off tour the first time I was in Amsterdam. I enjoyed it a lot because it gave me a bird’s eye view of what to see while in the city. From there, I chose which one that interests me and visited them later.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of travel tour offices around the city and you can just go inside and buy a ticket. If you prefer doing it only, there are also plenty of sites that offer the Hop on and Hop off bus option so you can see what Amsterdam has to offer.

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