Everyone who knows me well, know for a fact that I get really lethargic when I don’t travel, even for a few days. Traveling helps me recharge and get my sanity intact. Last year, I only did one trip to the US which is very unusual as I always take advantage of long public holidays and weekends to scuttle to a different place. And this year, aside from claiming it to be my “self-healing” year and a time to really enjoy everything I have worked hard for, I went on a short (but very enjoyable) vacation to Amsterdam and Prague few weeks apart.

I am really glad that my husband budged to my request to apply Schengen visa with me. He really loves the US more than going to Europe. I told him this Amsterdam trip is my belated birthday gift to him and honestly, half of my bonus this year went on that trip just to make him feel how wonderful Amsterdam is from my point of view and past experience. And my 2nd trip really did not disappoint! My husband may not verbalize how much he enjoyed the Netherlands, I am pretty sure that the photos he posted to his IG and FB accounts are testament to how he also liked seeing and being in Amsterdam. As for me, of course, I am very biased because Amsterdam is in one of my favourite cities to frequent to and the feeling never gets tired, just like how I feel for NYC and Tokyo. The Amsterdam trip was just a brief one because we still need to save our vacation leaves as we are keeping them for our daughter’s graduation gift from college next hear. Hopefully, I can take the whole family back to Netherlands for a longer vacation and touring other parts of Northern Europe too.

My 2nd European getaway happened last July 12 – 15 and I traveled with my colleague/buddy whose Schengen visa was about to expire. Since I have nothing to do, I gladly agreed and we went to Prague.

My initial reaction to Prague was a bit of calculated, meaning, I try to observe the ambiance, the people and their ways of interacting with me. Honestly, the ones in the airport information desks were rather cranky and I was a bit turned off. You see, it’s just an impression that I have and I am not generalizing. I was just hoping they are as warm as the Dutch people the moment you arrive at their airport. But hey, it’s just few staff in the airport and all that change the moment I set foot in the city. Let’s just say, Prague has charmed me in a very beautiful way. I am just in awe with how beautiful the city is and how vibrant the Vltava River, if I have to compare to the one in Budapest’s Danube.

I have so much to tell and photos to share. Right now, I am still in the mode where I keep scrolling at the beautiful snaps I took with my phone and imagining how I felt while standing there, soaking it all in. I am pretty sure that I will travel back to Prague soon.

So, watch out for my posts here. I have some hotels reviews to share as well both in Amsterdam and Prague. I will also feature the tour we took in Amsterdam that took us to Madurodam, Royal Delft Porcelain factory in The Hague. It was super fun!