Image by Manon Boyer via Unsplash


If you have pencilled in China as your next annual holiday destination, you are indeed spoiled for choice. Such is the diversity of this enormous country, your choices are almost unlimited, with the splendour and elegance of Beijing and the far reaches of Tibet, plus everything in between. If you are going during the Chinese summer months, here are some great attractions that really should be included in your schedule.

  1. Yunnan Province – Located in the southern part of China, Yunnan province sits at an elevation of 2,000 metres above sea level, making it a perfect summer holiday destination. Temperatures remain around 20-25C even during the hottest of summers and you can experience the magic of highland plains and sample some genuine ethnic hospitality traditionally offered by the local people. Visiting some of the old towns is a little like stepping back in time and there are many fine examples of local architecture, along with a diverse cuisine. If you are unsure about next year’s holiday destination, try tailor made China tours and holidays in 2019, where you can see and experience a diverse range of cultures along with some stunning views.

  2. Tibet – This region is very expansive, covering what is known as the Tibetan Plateau, which is located along the base of the Himalaya Mountain Range and due to its altitude, can become very cold in the winter, yet perfect in the summer months and if you are into the rugged outdoor lifestyle, a visit to Tibet is strongly recommended. Ancient monasteries are tucked away in tiny mountain passes and in order to really get to see the best attractions, it pays to seek the help of a local tour operator who knows all the best local sights, along with some that are off the beaten track.

  3. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park – If you’ve seen the movie Avatar, you will no doubt remember the stunning mountain ranges, which were modelled on Hallelujah Mountain. Nature lovers will be able to spend endless days hiking in these pristine forests and the higher than usual altitude ensures it doesn’t get too hot. A visit to Yellow Stone Park is a must, along with a cable car ride, which is the best way to appreciate the stunning natural beauty of this National Park.

  4. Guizhou – Located in the South West, Guizhou is the one region of China that escapes the searing summer heat and the nights can be a little cool, even in the hottest months. The capital city Guiyang has a lot to offer the foreign tourist, with stunning trips along the Nanming River and many fabulous natural scenes and according to many travel operators, Guizhou is set to become the most popular Chinese holiday destination outside of Beijing.

There are so many regions in this diverse land that perhaps the best way to book your Chinese holiday is with an experienced China tour operator, who can tailor the holiday to perfectly suit your tastes. There are online tour operators who can help you to plan the perfect holiday in this amazing land and with your best interests at heart, the tour company can plan a holiday you will never forget.