There are many reasons that people choose backpacking holidays. It might be the adventure of throwing your life into a bag and traveling off to see the world or the thrill of being a solo traveler with nothing to tie you down.

For some of us, it all comes down to budget. We backpack because it’s cheap, and that means we only ever consider heading off to destinations that are “cheap”. Who for example would ever consider backpacking to Venice or the Caribbean?

The funny thing is, both are cheap and accessible for backpackers, and they aren’t the only places. Here are five destinations you never knew you could backpack to.


Venice is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world and also one of the most expensive. It attracts an obscene amount of tourists to the point where the actual city of Venice is under threat through the sheer number of people visiting, with cruise ships and millions upon millions pounding the streets actually forcing the city to sink. Should the worst happen and it actually be lost to the sea at some point, you’ll want to say you visited. It isn’t out of a backpacker’s budget either, providing you visit in fall or winter when the crowds are far less and as a result, the prices much lower.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean probably seems like the least likely destination ever for a backpacker. It’s golden covered beaches, cruise ships pulling in and fresh sea food on an island paradise. You can experience the Caribbean without having to go on Dominican Republic All Inclusive Vacations. Firstly, its cheaper than you think if you avoid the islands that attract celebrities and money. Secondly, Airbnb has made accommodation much more affordable and thirdly, the brilliant array of street food means you can avoid eating out which is notoriously expensive.


When Cuba initially opened to US travelers, it resulted in a boom in prices as airlines and hotels cashed in on a sudden interest and influx in cash. That boom has finished now and prices have returned to a much more reasonable level, which means its cheap to visit – and you’ll want to do so before tourism completely changes the country from one that was isolated from the world for so long.

New Orleans

It’s 13 years since Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans, in which time the city has made a good job of rebuilding. American might not seem like an obvious place to backpack, but if you are going to tick off one city in the US then New Orleans is one of the best when it comes to getting a lot of history and culture for a reasonable outlay – providing you don’t visit during it’s famous festivals such as Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest.

Galapagos Islands

As one of the worlds most biodiverse places, the Galapagos Islands are protected, and only trained guides are allowed to take visitors around to see the wildlife. Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? The good news is, it isn’t. Thanks to Ecuador’s official use of the US Dollar and on-sale tour offerings, seeing plants and animals that cannot be found anywhere else on earth becomes affordable – even for backpackers.