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You’ve probably been on vacations before, but you might never have been on a real adventure. Whilst it’s fine to take a trip to a sunny island resort and relax on the beach for 2 weeks, you might be looking for a little more out of your next travel experience. Maybe you want to really explore the world and see beautiful things whilst learning something too. That’s one of the best ways to travel, after all. It should be an enriching experience that leaves you a changed person. If that’s the kind of experience you’re after then here are some of the best locations for a first-time explorer.


Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and it’s the perfect destination for a first-time explorer. There are so many scenic cities to visit in this region that it’s hard to know where to begin. Milan is a fantastic place to begin. It promises much more than a sizzling skyline and world-renowned fashion events. It’s the perfect place to explore for a first-time traveler. There are wonderful museums and art galleries for anybody looking to understand more about the culture of this intriguing city. You should visit the Museum of Ancient Art in the Castello complex if you want a good place to start. You’ll see wonderful exhibits and learn a little something about ancient painters. Milan is also the perfect location for those who love the performing arts. You should visit the La Scala opera house if you want to witness a fantastic performance.

Rome is another stunning city that you simply have to visit if you’re going to see Italy. The capital is a fascinating ancient location. The remnants of ancient Rome still stand to some extent. The Colosseum, which has stood for nearly 2 centuries, is the largest amphitheater ever built by the Romans. It was the center of many epic combats between gladiators. Of course, this is only one famous monument of many. You should also find time to see the Pantheon and the Arch of Constantine if you want to see some spectacular pieces of architecture.


If you’re looking for more of a classic exploration then the magnificent region of Tibet is probably the perfect travel destination for you. You might want to look into some Tibet travel tours that could take you to the Mount Everest base camp. Hiking up the tallest mountain in the world is the type of experience that’ll change your life. Seeing the world from a whole new point of view is something that can’t be captured by any picture. Imagine being the tallest person in the world; that’s a pretty incredible feeling. Of course, there’s more to Tibet than fantastic mountains. You should also try out some of the amazing food on offer whilst you’re there. Delicious mustard seed is cultivated in Tibet, so you’ll be likely to find that in many of the dishes found in local towns or villages. Butter tea is a favored beverage in the region too.


Another wonderful country to explore on your first real traveling experience is Turkey. It’s a country that’s full of fascinating cities and natural landscapes to admire, but you should definitely start by visiting Istanbul. The country’s historic center can be found in the heart of this city. What’s truly interesting about Istanbul is that it’s a transcontinental city. It straddles the border between Europe and Asia, and that means it contains a fascinating blend of cultural influences from both continents. That makes this city a truly wonderful place to explore for any keen traveler. You should visit Taksim Square to admire the Monument of the Republic which was opened in 1928. It’s a beautiful piece of architecture with great historical importance; it commemorates the formation of the Turkish Republic. You also need to visit Pera Museum if you want to see some fantastic art exhibits.


France is another fantastic location to visit if you want a real expedition. It’s a country that’s full of incredible cities and natural locations to explore. You should start with the capital, of course. Paris is one of the most intriguing cities to experience in the world. It’s more than just the city of love – it boasts incredible culture and a rich history. Obviously, you need to start by seeing the Eiffel Tower. It’s an architectural masterpiece in itself, but you can see that simply by looking at a picture of it. To truly experience the tower, you need to go up it. Seeing the Parisian skyline from the top of one of the famous landmarks in the world is an incredible experience.

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  1. I would consider visiting this place someday… we need to have some insights of people like you who’ve been into the place and experience to explore the tourist spots. Through this, it gives me the idea on what can we do when we have the chance to actually be in the place. Thanks.

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