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Been thinking of exploring South Africa? Here are just a few of the incredible experiences that this country can offer you.

Go on a safari

South Africa is one of the top places to see the big five – these include lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalo. Sites like can help you to book safari tours and see all the animals you want to see. There are even hotels that you can stay at on the parks allowing you to wake up to the sounds and sights of the African plains.

Swim with sharks

For those brave enough, there’s also the option to go cage diving with sharks off the coast of Cape Town. South Africa’s shores attracts all kinds of sharks including the mighty Great White. Sites like can allow you to organise these dives – you’re best using a professional company and having diving experience.

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Try blokarting

Blokarting combines go-karting and windsurfing – you sit in a cart and direct yourself along the beach using a parasail. Whilst this sport is practiced around the world, nowhere is it so popular as South Africa. There are lots of hire places where you can try the sport out.

Taste the local wine

For those wanting a more leisurely vacation, South Africa’s vast number of vineyards and wineries is certain to appeal. South African wine tours as organised by sites like can help you visit multiple vineyards in one trip and try multiple wines. Alternatively, you can taste these wines in the many trendy wine bars of Johannesburg.  

Explore the history

There are plenty of heritage sites and museums in South Africa where you can learn about the country’s long and turbulent history. From Cape Town’s 17th century Castle of Good Hope to the dinosaur fossils of Nieu Bethesda there is something for everyone to enjoy. For an exploration of South Africa’s more recent history meanwhile, Johannesburg’s Apartheid Museum is a humbling place to visit.

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Shop in the cities

The cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town are great for shopaholics. There are huge malls such as Sandton City and there are rustic markets such as Cape Town’s Neighbour Goods Market for trying local foods and drinks. Such foods make great souvenirs to take back home.

Feast on the food

Speaking of food, South Africa’s cuisine is well worth visiting for too. A popular Durban street food is Bunny Chow consisting of spiced curry contained within a loaf of bread. Biltong meanwhile is a dried meat that’s often eaten as a snack – it was originally created by South Africa’s indigenous tribes as a way of preserving meat. Meanwhile, when it comes to full meals, there are plenty of options from barbecued meat feasts to vegetarian options such as chakalaka. Melktert and Malva Pudding meanwhile are two national desserts to try out whilst you’re there.