This is the first time I have been to any of the Last Exit franchise in Dubai. Excitement is not just a word I can think of to describe the feeling of the first visit. It may be a shallow thing but I enjoy discovering new places to eat and I have heard many things about the Last Exit. I like variety and this food park provides me that.


I really like the layout and concept behind the Last Exit D89 Khawaneej.  The layout of the food park is really interesting. It’s similar to the US food truck theme where plenty of Airstream vans have been converted to serve as a food outlet to serve the hungry citizens of Dubai. The food trucks are placed apart from each other so the whole food park is not cramped. There is a driveway for each food truck for those who just want to drive by and order take-outs.

You will not run out of tables and benches as they are everywhere the food park. One side of the park also has a fountain area and more tables and chairs with umbrellas. There is also a play area for the kids to use up all their energies by jumping up and down the big trampoline.


It’s cozy with a country/barnyard feel. There are plenty of decorations like chicken coop with chicken figurines, tractors, bale of hays as sitting benches, old wagon wheel decors, and many ornaments taken from a country home. It is as if you are visiting a small, country town in the US.

It is well lit with a security. The place is clean with plenty of bins to dispose your used food containers and utensils. And you don’t have to worry about parking. There are plenty of that for everyone who wish to drive through or dine al fresco.


The food park has more than a dozen food outlets to choose from. You can go for typical American fast foods like burgers, hot dogs, fries, soda, milkshake, and sandwiches from Mooyah, Krush Burgers, Dirty Dogs, to name a few. If East Asian food is what you are after, they have Jaldi Jaldi which serves Indian cuisine exploding with the richness of spices and flavors, not to mention the well embellished food truck they have. A perfect representation of the colorful culture of India.

Other food trucks sell Latin American with Asian fusion like Poco Loco, a mix of Peruvian and Japanese dishes.

And if you like steak, there’s Steakanji. The serve Philly steaks on subs, salads, rice bowls, noodles, and burgers.

More food outlets:

Burger Pit

Crave Too


Gyros and Doner

Hot Chix

My Karak

Saddle Cafe

The Inventing Room

and other smaller outlets around The Last Exit Al Khawaneej


I cannot give feedback on all the food outlets because I only tried one which was Steakanji. My review will be posted separately.



The Last Exit D89 Al Khawaneej is located just off the Al Khawaneej Street, where D89 and D54 meet. It just in between the Mushrif Park and the AL Khawaneej Walking and Cycling Park, making it a great place to go to before or after your outdoor activities.



It is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m the next day.


The Last Exit Al Khawaneej is the kind of food park for everyone who loves to try a wide variety of food choices. It has plenty of picnic benches, wide alleys for drive-thrus, clean surrounding, well-lit area, fun area for kids, and paved walking trails for people who wish to now just eat but enjoy the whole place.

I enjoyed my first visit. And it is definitely not the last.


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  1. Our family loves food parks! We love walking around and exploring the variety of food. Most of the time, we find food not available in the usual malls. This one looks like a great place for families. So clean and organized and it looks beautiful!

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