Everyone looks forward to their annual vacation, but not everyone likes the same things. Some enjoy relaxing at a beach while others crave adventure. Most groups consist of several people, and each one has their own opinions. If this is the case in your family, trying mixing things up a bit by combining several different activities.

Something for the Adventurer

Do you have some fun loving daredevils in the group? Water skiing, zip lining, and ATV tours are all adrenaline packed activities. For those that own a Jeep or Dodge off-road vehicle, there are overland equipment events organized by Standing Stones Expeditions that allow you to see what your vehicle can handle. Another favorite among car enthusiast is the NASCAR driving experiences where you can take an actual racecar out on the track.

Peace and Quiet for the Tired

You may be the type that looks forward to vacation because you see it as a way to get some much needed rest. There are several places you can go for this laid back experience. A quiet cabin in the woods is an excellent place to dive into a good book while sitting on a porch swing. A nap while basking along the sunny shores is totally rejuvenating while a stay at a resort with a spa can be nothing short of heavenly.

Those Looking to Reconnect

Most weeks during the year are spent racing off to work after dropping the kids off at schools. Evenings are a whirlwind of activities, a quick dinner, and prepping for the next day. Vacations can be a time to reconnect with one another. Places like Walt Disney World are perfect for this. It is enjoyed by kids of all ages, and everything from the food to transportation is provided for you.

By planning a special activity for each member in your group, everyone gets to enjoy their vacation. Best of all, since the other members of the family are tagging along, they just might discover some unexpected fun.