Thailand may seem like a big trip if you are going for the first time with your children. This article will prove that the leap may not be as big as you thought, if you plan it right. There are several ways to make life easier for yourself when planning a family vacation to Thailand.

Even though the further you go, the trickier things can get, it’s great to go in fully prepared. This article will give some great advice on how to plan and execute effectively so you will have less to worry about and more time to enjoy.

We’ve combined tips from parents who have been there and done it. This way you will get the information in hindsight which can be a powerful thing. Firstly, booking good accommodation is a must and there’s a great deal of Thailand luxury resorts and hotels to choose from


Tips For Stress-Free Family Travel

  • Check hotel comparison sites.

You will want to find the best deal for your stay in Thailand. You also want somewhere that will provide entertainment and facilities for children to enjoy. If you go to a comparison site, you are making your search tons easier and will probably end up locating a better deal. Agoda and Booking can be great sites to try out if you’re a newbie to the comparison site scene.  

  • Think about the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Instead of yet another flight with hands full of luggage (and kids), why not opt for the train. This could be a slightly easier journey to make and even more fun for the children. Trains are an enjoyable way to see the sights at a slower pace and give you the option to mix things up. Kids get restless on flights and doing it this way can work out cheaper and be more fun. So, have think about it!

  • When flying, go direct.

Direct flights make things heaps easier and longer. Sometimes, it’s worth paying a little extra to avoid the stress and get to the destination in a much more rested state. If you can, you should try and book the flights scheduled in the afternoon, so they arrive at the time your kids normally go to bed. This will require a bit of digging but will be well worth it.

  • Keep the first day chilled

Don’t have anything adventurous or too exciting booked for your first day. You will want yourself and the children to be getting used to the environment and new climate. Therefore, spend the first day relaxing and catching up on some sleep. Realistically, it can take a few days before the kids adjust to the new time zone, heat and Thai life.

  • Bring your umbrella stroller.

If you have young toddlers, it’s a good idea to take an umbrella stroller. This way, their sensitive skin can be shaded, and you still have that movability around the crazy streets of Thailand.


These are all great tips and advice that can make travelling with the kids in Thailand a lot easier and more enjoyable.