Life is busy, right? It’s a rat race of commuting to the office while balancing a family, a social life, a healthy lifestyle and trying to keep up with your career all at the same time. There never seems to be enough hours in the day for all the commitments that we have, and that means that we get stressed out really easily. The stress is hard to manage, because it’s all the elements that make up your life that are causing your stress. And thus, the cycle of life continues. Life is busy but finding the time in all that busy to take a breath and give your body and mind a kickstart is essential.

While you’re juggling all those spinning plates, have you thought about how your health is affected by the busyness of your life? It’s a sad fact that most adults nowadays suffer from some form of depression and anxiety, but it’s a face nonetheless. The pressures of social media and maintaining a lifestyle that feels impossible is huge, and it’s not easy to cope with keeping up with the expectations that are upon us. So, you need a break. You need to be able to get away and shrug off those pressures that tell you that you need to maintain a certain image. You need to tell your job that you need two weeks to go and experience something that isn’t rigid in the 9-5 rat race and you need to be able to destress from all the deadlines. Taking time off is something that you have to make happen, and that includes finding the destination and the type of vacation that’s right for you.

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A lot of people will tell you that a vacation isn’t going to solve your problems or your stress, that all you are doing is putting that stress on hold and waiting for tomorrow so that you can come back and embrace it all over again. Stop there. Going on a vacation helps you to destress and take stock of all the things that made you stressed out in the first place. Stress resilience improves by 29% when you return from a break, and science has confirmed it. Vacations keep you in the best shape, whether you have sought out a studio apartment for rent near the beach or you’ve booked yourself into a spa destination for a weekend of pampering. We’ve put together some of the reasons you shouldn’t hesitate in booking yourself a break away in the sunshine – or snow, if that’s your preference. Take a look below and you’ll have all the justification that you need for those bikinis you found earlier!


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Vitamin D.

When you live in a generally cold place, there is a total lack of vitamin D in your day. It’s a well-known fact that vitamin D levels plummet through the floor when the winter months roll around and living somewhere that feels chilly most months of the year can mean you are seriously lacking in some scientific sunshine. You don’t have to go too far for a fix of the sunshine, especially if you can catch a short haul flight to Europe or south America. Think of it this way; booking a four-hour flight may sound like a long time, but you could pretty much binge watch four episodes of your favourite season, and bam, you’ve arrived in a place where Vitamin D is literally given away.


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How often do you get to swim in an outdoor pool or the ocean? There’s a big difference between heading to your local swimming pool that sits next to the gym, and swimming in the great outdoors. When you go on vacation, you get the chance to relax, meaning that your daily swim is far more effective on your mood and your fitness. There’s no need to try and squeeze in the laps when you’re actually willing to go swimming for as long as you like. Swimming early in the morning can give you a huge boost and an incentive to keep your day healthy and energised. You’re doing a full body workout without realising when you go swimming, and you can feel the endorphins pumping around your body when you get out of that pool.


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Healthy Meals

Heading away on a resort vacation means all-inclusive meals and snacks are a good option for you. You don’t have to think about preparing your meals or clearing the dishes afterwards when there’s a whole staff willing to do that for you while you’re enjoying your vacation. In the sunshine and the heat, you’re far more inclined to eat in a healthier way – less chips and dip and more carrot sticks and dip! You can fill up on sunshine smoothies and when you team that with the daily swimming that you’ll be doing, you’ll end up going home fitter and more invigorated than when you arrived.


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You may not have booked a spot at a spa, but you will still be able to treat your vacation as a spa retreat. There are plenty of resorts out there that offer spa services, meaning that you can have those stresses of everyday life massaged away at the hands of a professional. You have to see your spa treats as a chance to reconnect with yourself and give your body the break it needs. We wear our stress in our bones, our skin and our hair, and it’s important that you take care of each and every bit of yourself. Imagine an outdoor massage after a delicious meal and a sunset backdrop; gorgeous, right?

When you take a vacation, you leave your life on pause. However, you are going to be far better equipped to deal with your life issues when you have had a chance to pull yourself out from under them and centre your mind. The next time the rat race catches up with you, book that vacation. It’ll be so worth it.