How many times have you come back from a holiday realizing that you hadn’t worn half of the things? Yes, it’s hard to cut your luggage with all those possible “what ifs” coming to your mind, but it’s far harder to carry around a huge bag packed with unnecessary stuff. So, take a pen and start making your minimalist packing list by learning how to pack like a pro.

Don’t exaggerate with your clothes

When packing, we like to be sure that we’re bringing outfits for every possible occasion. And that’s how we end up with a suitcase cluttered with 10-day clothes on 3-day getaway. The truth is that you only need 6 basic clothing items: 3 tops, 2 bottoms and 1 dress. Their type, style and number proportions depend on the climate, places you’re planning to visit and events you’re planning to attend. For instance, if you’re about to spend the vacation lying on the beach, you might only need six casual dresses. On the other hand, going on sporting holiday requires little more than loose T-shirts and track suits.

Pick the right items instead

Whatever the case is, make sure you pack clothes you can easily mix and match. And this includes sticking to the certain style and color palette. Having all patterned tops and one pair of patterned trousers won’t make the use of both, will it? Also, your minimalist packing list should include as much versatile clothing as possible. Let’s take a little black dress for example. You can wear it to a fancy dinner at night and city exploring during the day. So, make sure your travel clothing is made of fabrics that can dry easily and quickly, since you’ll probably have to wash it, especially on long trips.

You don’t need all those shoes

Since footwear is usually heavy and cumbersome, it takes most of the luggage space.  So, instead of packing 3 different pairs of sneakers and 3 more pairs of sandals, consider bringing only two pairs of shoes. While doing so, don’t forget – versatility is the key to light packing. For example, if your travel destination implies warm and mild climate, think of bringing white Converse All Star shoes, and comfortable handmade sandals available in various colors and patterns. They can be easily stuffed and matched with each style and outfit.

But you do need accessories

Accessories can make all the difference. Wear the same outfit with different accessories and no one will notice. But, don’t exaggerate with it either. The thing that can really come in hand is a scarf or pashmina, depending on the weather. Not only are they stylish, but practical and versatile, too. They can serve as beach skirt, cardigan, or even travel blanket.

Neglect the makeup

When it comes to cosmetics, it’s crucial to bring only essentials, again. A few days of irregular routine will do no harm to you. What should be on your minimalist packing list are: sunscreen, face cream, shampoo, conditioner, micellar water, BB cream, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and mascara. However, there are multitasking makeup products that are perfect for traveling – one universal stick instead of eyeshadow, blush and lipstick. Also, many cosmetic products come in mini travel packaging. And you can always purchase cosmetic containers and fill them with your favorite products.

When traveling, you’re not supposed to pay too much attention to fashion, but comfort and practicality. And you don’t need your entire wardrobe for that. So, learn how to pack like a pro, and never stress over packing again.